MCML-Based TV Toolbox Beta Released

Olcay just released a beta of Media Center Cutter, now dubbed TV Toolbox.  You can edit recordings, convert recordings to different formats and even define rules to automatically convert content all via a 10’ UI with your remote.  It’s an MCML-based plug-in for Vista Media Center and I must say it looks fantastic! Download the beta here (bottom of the page) and give it a shot.

HP Relaunches CableCARD at Cheaper Price Points

Adding another page to the story book that is HP and CableCARD, they have them back in stock today!  It confirms that they had issues with the configuration of the m8010y, because the select PC to have CableCARD now is the m8100y. Changes include the processor and video card, with the E6550 as the base option along with video card choices of a GeForce 8400GS or GeForce 8500GT.  If you are thinking about picking one of these up I highly suggest the GeForce 8500GT, both because of power and because HP doesn’t note if the GeForce 8400GS is HDCP or … Continue reading HP Relaunches CableCARD at Cheaper Price Points

Vista View Saber DA-1N1-I Review

The folks at Vista View were nice enough to send me one of their latest cards, the Saber DA-1N1-I to test out for a bit.  This review is coming a bit late because I was a bit under the weather when I first got the card and the last thing I was up for was digging around in my dust filled PC. The Saber DA-1N1-I is an interesting animal as it is a PCI tuner, not PCIe (though they also have the DA-1N1-E which is PCIe).  Vista View seems to realize that their still is a market for PCI tuners.  … Continue reading Vista View Saber DA-1N1-I Review

Paul Thurrott Clears Up All Vista SP1 Rumors; Sort of

Paul Thurrott is doing his best to clear up all the rumors about what Vista SP1 is and isn’t.  In his Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) FAQ he sets out the “facts” in his “No rumors.  Just the FAQs” post. Hang on now, make sure you read through all the fine print in this “no rumors” FAQ.  Some classics include Paul or his source “guessing” several times, using information based on “his understanding”, along with some “based on his own” discussions or things “expected” by Paul or those sources.  Huh? I’m no “professional” journalist, but shouldn’t a “no rumors” … Continue reading Paul Thurrott Clears Up All Vista SP1 Rumors; Sort of

The Media Center Show #116

The Media Center Show #116 | 26th July 2007 (58mins 26sec) MP3 – 20.1MB (Download Here) This week Ian Dixon talked with Mike Garcen,  Microsoft MVP, contributor to and moderator at The Green Button to talk about his community work with Media Center and his reviews of the various web streaming product for Windows Media Center.

Xbox 360 HD DVD Player Moves to $179

Xbox LIVE to promote HD DVD versions of “300” and “Heroes: Season 1.” SAN DIEGO — July 26, 2007 — Today at Comic-Con International 2007, Microsoft Corp. announced it will lower the price of the popular Xbox 360™ HD DVD Player from $199 to $179 ERP (United States only) starting Aug. 1, 2007, and will add five free HD DVD movies for anyone purchasing an Xbox 360 HD DVD Player between Aug. 1 and Sept. 30. In addition, Microsoft further solidified the Xbox 360 as the ultimate high-definition (HD) entertainment platform, with key announcements around the HD DVD launches of … Continue reading Xbox 360 HD DVD Player Moves to $179

What’s Next For CableCARD and Vista

I might not agree with Kevin that OCAP and CableCARD 2.0 are to blame for the lack of OEM CableCARD machines, that doesn’t mean CableCARD 2.0 and OCAP are not important in the big picture.  As I have said in the past, CableCARD is a great concept.  However, while the concept is great the implementation is flawed and has been since day one.  It’s not just flawed on the PC; it is flawed in all CE devices.  This is really nothing new, just look at all the headlines around CableCARD and notice all the issues, many of them revolve around … Continue reading What’s Next For CableCARD and Vista

Short Bits: Vista Report Card, Cookbook, Upcoming Stuff

Lots of stuff that I have not got to over the past few days, so here is a run down of some of the more interesting stuff. Over at Missing Remote, Mike is an excellent 6 Month Vista MCE Report Card.  Out of all those things that were going to be new and great, it turns out that several of them have been no shows or disappointments.  Things like native 64-bit support, which when you factor in driver support is less then something to get excited about for most people.   The new start menu in Media Center, which was supposed … Continue reading Short Bits: Vista Report Card, Cookbook, Upcoming Stuff

OCAP and CableCARD 2.0 Holding OEMs Back? Nope

Kevin wonders if OCAP and CableCARD 2.0 are holding OEMs back from releasing CableCARD PCs.  I say, no way.  OCAP and CableCARD 2.0 are holding the whole cable industry back, but they have the smallest amount to do with OEMs not accepting and offering CableCARD. Why would Dell, HP, Gateway, etc care if what they sell is going to be obsolete?  The reason these guys are still in business is because a PC is obsolete the day they assemble it.  Obsolescence is their business, and it’s a fact of the industry.  More so, with television technology set to change rapidly … Continue reading OCAP and CableCARD 2.0 Holding OEMs Back? Nope