Intel Not Bringing CableCARD/OCAP to the PC

I’m still trying to do catch-up on the news I missed last
month while on vacation, so to let everyone know Intel is not working on bring
OCAP or CableCARD to PCs.  Several major
media outlets reported
this last month, and they got it wrong.

What Intel is working on doing is bring OCAP to new SoC-based
solutions.  These would be for use in CE
devices, not PCs.

ATI is still the only company who is publicly working
with CableLabs on bringing
new CableCARD related technologies to the PC
.  Other manufactures are welcome to work with
CableLabs to build their own CableCARD tuners. 
ATI only has a monopoly on the market because they are the only ones who
went through the hard and expensive work to get them to market.  They have three CableCARD products certified
with CableLabs.  The internal OCUR,
external OCUR, and the dual OCUR box from Niveus Media.

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