Ricavision SideShow Remote Available Now (Sort of)

has released their long awated Sideshow Remotes for Vista Media Center (Via
Missing Remote
).  The description
from Ricavision says…

“The Ricavision SideShow remote control is the first and
only remote control that incorporates the one touch access of Media Center with
the power of Microsoft Windows Vista in one convenient home entertainment remote
control solution.  With the integration of Microsoft Vista comes the
access to SideShow and the multiple features that are accessed by the SideShow
Gadgets.  These innovative product developments incorporated with the
Microsoft Windows Vista SideShow provides continuous access to digital
entertainment every minute of every day.”


The SideShow Remote Control
allows direct access & total control of Windows SideShow functions of the
Media Center. It enables you to do the following things:

  • Play Music
  • Browse music library by album, artist and genre.
  • Add to Queue appends all tracks in the selection to the Now
    Playing list.
  • Now Playing List links to the Now Playing screen.
  • Browse TV program guide.
  • Record schedules programs to record now or later without
    interrupting the TV viewing experience.
  • Select recorded TV. For previously recorded TV programs, a
    list of programs by name and by date will be available, along with details
    about the selected program
  • Select other gadgets on the SideShow remote control, and
    view information such as email, a calendar, news headlines, and weather.

Price is $250 and is available now.  However, this is the reference design sample, all sales are final.  I’d love to get one of these to review though and hopefully they will have the newer version of the SideShow remote out soon.

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