S1Digital Now Shipping CableCARD Enabled Media Centers

NEW YORK, Aug. 30– S1Digital is pleased to announce the
immediate availability of Digital Cable Tuners with their Media Center
solutions, enabling customers to watch and record premium high-definition TV
(HDTV) via CableCARD, without the need for a cable set top box.

Digital Cable Tuners are available on the ProLine Quad
Server and FX Editions, as well as the Home Series’ Platinum Edition with two
internal CableCARD slots so customers can watch and record two channels at the
same time; and with internal storage of up to 3.75 terabytes on the Server
Edition and 2.25 terabytes on the Platinum Edition, around 250 to 450 hours of
HDTV can be stored. Under the hood the Media Centers run on Intel Core 2 Duo
and Quad processors with Viiv Technology, Nvidia PureVideo HD video processors
and Microsoft Windows Vista, providing extremely powerful digital media
playback capabilities.

S1Digital also offers customers the ability to watch the
latest high- definition movies on HD-DVD and Blu-ray discs and includes
seamless integrated playback within the Vista Media Center interface.

When coupled with Xbox 360s, S1Digital Media Centers provide
customers with a powerful but cost-effective IP-based multi-room A/V
distribution solution that allows watching live HDTV in other rooms, as well
enabling a centralized recorded TV, video and music server.

S1Digital, now a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, has been
working hard to provide customers this most requested feature since the Media
Center platform was originally introduced. S1Digital Media Centers are totally
integrated hubs of digital entertainment, including high-definition TV and
movies, video, music, photos, Internet content and more.

For dealers and custom installers, S1Digital has a special
program and pricing allowing resellers to offer the ultimate digital
entertainment experience to their customers.

More information on S1Digital’s solutions can be found at http://www.s1digital.com/, by emailing sales@s1digital.comor by calling (888)

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