First v2 Media Center Extender (Pika) Details!

I’ve been
talking about them forever
, and here
they are!

When: Holiday
Season 2007

Who: Linksys,
D-Link, Niveus Media

What: v2
Extenders (Pika), variety of form factors (Standalone, DVD players,
Televisions) and price points, support for Wireless N, Quiet, DivX and Xvid (features
can vary by manufacturer)

Note: It wasn’t in the press release, but the Sigma Designs reference board also support H.264 as I have said in the past. 

4 thoughts on “First v2 Media Center Extender (Pika) Details!

  1. Is anyone else concerned at which the speed of the extenders run? Some day I would like to see my whole house run off extenders but I really enjoy the speed of the actual server machine. Am I the only one who feels this way?

  2. Two things:

    1) I agree with Dan. The extender interface is not nearly as “zippy” as the MCE machine. I wish they could fix this.

    2) These need to be cheap to compete with the X360. (I’m sure Niveus will be >$500, but D-Link and Linksys could be cheap?)

  3. I was at the Lifeware show home where they had two beta v2 Extenders by I think D-Link. I think most people are wondering about boot up time compared to a Xbox 360 and I would have to say that it is slightly faster but still annoyingly slow. The interface seemed to have a lower resolution than a Xbox 360. I did not look at what cables were used to connect the Extender. Now that I think of it, I should have taken some pictures.

  4. Finally… have been waiting for these a while.
    Allready bought two Xbox 360 which have NEVER been used to play games….
    I love extenders 🙂

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