Microsoft’s First CableCARD Tuner was in 1999?

Did anyone else know that Microsoft has been working to
bring CableCARD to the PC since the late 90’s? 
I sure didn’t, but in late ‘99 Microsoft, CableLabs, Philips
Semiconductors, and SCM Microsystems developed
a IEEE1394 (Firewire) connected OpenCable receiver for the PC
!  It could also fit into a Device Bay -equipped PC,
good luck finding both of these on the market now.

Anyone who knows the details on this please let me know.  Clearly it is outdated now, but just for
reference and history sake I’d be interested to know more about it.

I assume it was never launched, but interested on
why.  Content protection would be my
first guess (and other policy issues with CableLabs), followed by the lack of
HD programming support and then it being outdated before launch.  CableCARD is never referred in the press
release, only Point of Deployment (POD) module. 
A CableCARD is a POD module but I don’t know how much had changed with
the physical design and implementation of the card at the time.

I did my best to find a photo of the device, but other than the press release
mirrored online I found nothing about it at all.  Needless to say, I’m personally shocked by
this one.  It took Microsoft nearly a
decade to get digital cable into the PC and when it finally shipped the Digital
Cable Tuners and flaky and the CableCARDs not any better.

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