Short Bits: New Media Center PCs, ReplayTV, Engadet

CE Pro is reporting the ACE
Computers is planning an LCD TV with a PC built-in
.  I don’t know about everyone else, but I have
yet to see anyone do this right.  Lets
charge someone $2,200 for a TV/PC and then offer it with external CableCARD tuners! 
Sorry, that’s pointless.

also has some new PCs
that offer multi-zone audio and CableCARD.  As usual, there software looks great on these

I really think that ReplayTV should just give up.  Their
latest product seems like another waste of time

On another note, what happened to Engadget?  Seems a number of their readers are getting
tired of their new anti-Microsoft rhetoric

One thought on “Short Bits: New Media Center PCs, ReplayTV, Engadet

  1. glad to finally see some engadget readers getting fed up with the MS bashing/apple can do no wrong attitude.

    it’s a shame they kinda have a monopoly on the constantly updated gadget/new tech news sector. i’d love to find another site

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