Short Bits: DigitalLife and Extender Wrap-up

Joe Belfiore just finished up his keynote at
DigitalLife.  I didn’t watch it, but sounds like little to nothing was
said that is not already known.  The big news of course was v2 Extenders
and Internet TV beta.  So far very few
are interesting
in buying Extenders
at their announced price points so DigitalLife has basically been a bust for

Of course there were
several Extenders announced.  From $300-$350
.  Niveus didn’t
releases pricing, but I’m expecting somewhere between $500-$800.

Like most, I wonder what the cost of the Wireless-N support
was.  Wireless should be an option, but I’m afraid it just jacked up the
price for a feature many wouldn’t use.  That said, if they didn’t include
it then people would be complaining that they are still expensive for what you
get.  Really a can’t win situation.

Ian Dixon has his
Extender news roundup
, along with a new Media
Center Show on v2 Extenders
.  Ian also notes that Microsoft has
updated the
Extender homepage
, and you will notice that I’m not going to refer to them
as Extenders for Windows Media Center.

for Windows Media Center and Internet TV FAQ – Download Here
(Press Tab)

5 thoughts on “Short Bits: DigitalLife and Extender Wrap-up

  1. The extenders have a high price point. This could be the introductory price for christmas. These things don’t come out until Nov. They might just have the price high to grab the folks that are willing to pay the $100 premium this christmas. If the price comes down after christmas to 200 to 250, than I think it works. Also, alot folks don’t have vista and need to upgrade PCs this christmas.

  2. I most likely will buy the Linksys model with the DVD player.

    I guess I’ll take what I can get. It’s the not the full solution, would really have been nice to get streaming movies, but I have gone ahead and converted all my movies to mpeg with Video Redo so I get full surround sound and can use them with MY Movies program.

    In the end it fits my main need which is to put my MCE in the office, and place extenders in the theatre, bedroom and livingroom and be able to get the same content everywhere. I am not a HD freak. At least not until I can afford it all.

    Ever since the first MCE I instilled in my family how cool this is. Now they all use it. So getting them to change would be a real pain.

  3. So looking at the FAQ PDF document:

    Q: Will Xbox 360 support all the new features of Extenders?
    A: You can continue to use your Xbox 360 as an extender device with Windows Vista.

    Hmmph, doesn’t quite answer the question now does it?


  4. The press conference was geared to those who don’t know much about MCE I’m thinking. I stayed just long enough to catch the Internet TV piece. In their booth a guy from the Windows group (who doesn’t work directly with Extender stuff) told me the code is a self-contained chunk and should make it’s way to the 360 intact. We shall see…

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