Update: Dell Launches XPS 420 to Replace XPS 410

Dell just updated
their website to include the new XPS 420
in-place of the XPS 410.  So far, it is hard to say it CableCARD is
even offered, as the “Ultimate Entertainment” package can’t be configured on
their website.  I imagine this will
change in the next few hours, but other than a redesigned case I don’t see much
different between the currently available 420 and the 410.

So far CableCARD is not available on two cheaper
configurations at all, even when you select their DellCare program.  That leaves the XPS 420 “Ultimate
Entertainment” with Blu-ray as the only option that might include it.  Because of this, I wouldn’t expect to be able to
configure a Dell machine without Blu-ray.

I’m going to assume the other
issues are still there too
, like having to purchase a monitor (officially)
to put the package together.  We can only
hope they did away with having to pay extra for “DellCare” just to configure it
with CableCARD.

No word on pricing since it can’t be configued just yet. 

Update: Specs are up and can be configured…but no options for CableCARD.  I’m going to assume this is because they didn’t have their papers to CableLabs in a timey fashion. I will post again when Dell hopefully adds CableCARD as an option.

The XPS 420 does have an integrated SideShow display on the front of the case, not sure it is a big advantage on a desktop but it is nice to see a large OEM pushing SideShow as a feature.  It also can include an “Xcelerator” that speeds up video encoding, much (exactly) like the dozens of USB 2.0 thumb drives that do the same thing.

6 thoughts on “Update: Dell Launches XPS 420 to Replace XPS 410

  1. Hi Chris. When configuring the XPS 420, what is the “Xcelerator” option when choosing the ATI Theater 650 TV tuner?

  2. Not sure, it is either that pointless Physx Accelerator for gaming or they have included an additional MPEG-4 converter (like the several USB ones on the market today).

  3. Chris, title your next blog post “Dell continues to disappoint its customers.”

    I can’t believe they aren’t offering the ATI CableCard tuners.

  4. So Ocur was available and now its not again. This is maddening. Not to mention the fact that it is only available on this overpriced gaming/entertainment pc. If media center comes on just about every Vista OS, why in the hell can’t you get ocur tuners on the lower models?
    They are going to kill this thing dead before it ever gets off the ground by constantly pulling these tuners on and off of the market.This stuff was supposed to be available a year ago as it is.

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