AVerMedia Does QAM in Vista Media Center

AVerMedia has released a beta plug-in to allow unencrypted
QAM (aka Clear QAM) support in Vista Media Center.  AVerMedia
Product Manger Felix Kolotinsky posted about it last week on The Green Button

as well as offered a link to the beta plug-in on their FTP.  The only card supported is the AVerTV Combo
PCIe x1 M780 tuner, and it will support both Vista x86 and x64.  There is no Media Center 2005 support.

You can download the plug-in at ftp.aver.com
using the user name: beta and password: betatest.

Reading through the thread when they say this is a beta,
they mean it.  I would strongly suggest a
full backup before playing with this, and remember it is not a finished

For more information, as well as troubleshooting (you will
likely need it), check
out the thread on The Green Button

7 thoughts on “AVerMedia Does QAM in Vista Media Center

  1. That’s terrific news! It’s a shame Microsoft is seemingly asleep at the switch with this (I know that there is a difference in the requisite effort between a vendor-specific beta plugin and the full-fledged, generic, supported implementation that MS would have to produce). OCUR doesn’t cut it since my machine is self-built.

  2. The HDHomerun has been doing this for a while now. It’s a little tricky to configure at first, but it’s rock solid once it’s up and running. It’s also a network appliance so it doesn’t take up any space in your computer.

  3. I wouldn’t say it’s a better option. It’s certainly another viable option. For QAM and/or ATSC, a network tuner can have a much needed place in a connected home — even in the long run following MS’s connected vision (or lack there of).

  4. What I personally meant is that it is a better option then the AVerMedia at this point (look through the thread, beta means beta. I think one person has it working).

  5. So, there is no solution for the AVerTV Combo in Windows MCE 2005? Some of us do not want to “upgrade” to Vista, yet.

  6. Looking for a recommendation and having trouble. what tv tuner is the best right now with Vista. it would be great to watch HD and have a dual tuner.

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