Sony XL1 200-Disc Changer/Recorder on Sale – $99

it while they are hot.
  My guess is
Sony is getting rid of their stock, and this will most likely be a discounted
product in the upcoming months.  At $99, there is no question that there
is no money to be made selling PC-based DVD changers to such a small market,
especially when use is limited to the local PC and not over Media Center
Extenders.  The only other possibility is a Blu-ray version replacing this
in the future, since it is Sony you can’t count that out.

7 thoughts on “Sony XL1 200-Disc Changer/Recorder on Sale – $99

  1. Quick question: Is there any software out there that can use this thing to do batch ripping of DVD’s? It would be nice to load this sucker up with all my DVD’s and just program the thing to spend the next few days ripping them one after another. And then maybe automatically transcode them to something that can be streamed to extenders?

    Just an idea. For $99 it would be worth it.

  2. It seems Sony is already offering a 200 BD/DVD/CD Changer (with a built-in Blu-ray Disc burner, 500 GB Hard Drive and Full HD 1080P Video Output) the size of filing cabinet and for the small price of $3,499.99. (Looks like they’re started out back at the $3500 price point.) It doesn’t appear to be Media Center compatible however.

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