Still no Innovation in Battery Technology?

Battery technology has held back so many devices over the years, so why has their not been any innovation in the field? I’m wondering yet again because Engadget is reporting that the new Zune’s are going to get about four hours of battery life without wireless on.  Microsoft’s big push with the Zune has always been video, but how useful is four hours?  Not only that, add in having wireless on and we can definitely see why Zune isn’t going to function as a Media Center Extender anytime soon. Clearly this isn’t a Microsoft only problem, based on other charts … Continue reading Still no Innovation in Battery Technology?

AMD Introduces New Tuner Products to Deliver Exceptional HDTV on PCs

Expands industry’s premier placeshifting TV-on-the-PC portfolio with addition of TV Wonder™ 650 Combo USB and TV Wonder™ 600 PCI/PCI Express Sunnyvale, Calif. — October 15, 2007 –AMD is expanding its TV Wonder™ product lineup that enables HDTV on the PC. Available through VisionTek at Best Buy stores across North America, ATI TV Wonder™ 650 Combo USB, TV Wonder™ 600 PCI and TV Wonder™ 600 PCI Express transform PCs into exceptional high definition digital video recorders. The TV Wonder™ family of products is AMD LIVE!™ Ready and Certified for Windows Vista® — delivering The Ultimate Visual Experience™ and strengthening the value … Continue reading AMD Introduces New Tuner Products to Deliver Exceptional HDTV on PCs

Lifextender Aims for “Dead Simple” DVR-MS Commercial Removal

Lifextender is a new plug-in that offers commercial removal from DVR-MS recordings, something that many have been doing for a while now.  However, Lifextender aims to make the process “dead simple” with no configuration required to get started. Much like DVRMSToolbox, Lifextender takes advantage of ComSkip to do the commercial detection.  Then, Lifextender chooses to remove the commercials from the DVR-MS instead of just “mark” them like many do with DVRMSToolbox (though, DVRMSToolbox can also remove them too). Only Windows Vista is supported here, and you can download it free here.  Give it a shot, this sounds like a great … Continue reading Lifextender Aims for “Dead Simple” DVR-MS Commercial Removal

Ricavision Delays SideShow Remote…Again

Despite a newly added SideShow Remote category on Ricavision’s website, it doesn’t appear they are any closer to shipping the long awaited remote.  Their corporate website now says that the RICA100 will ship in January 2008.  August 2007 was listed as the target date up until now.  The price is still set at $300 for the SideShow Remote and docking cradle. I wonder what the holdup is on these SideShow devices?  They are such a great idea, and yet Ricavision who appears to be one of Microsoft’s main partners has yet to ship a production device.  In late August they … Continue reading Ricavision Delays SideShow Remote…Again

Extender Combos with HD DVD/Blu-ray & IPTV Functionality?

v2 Extenders have yet to ship but it looks like Sigma Designs and Microsoft are working to get additional features out in the form of Extenders integrated into HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc Players, as well as IPTV set-top boxes (STB). By now everyone should know that it is very likely the first v2 Extenders will use the Sigma Designs EM8622L reference design, which is supposed to allow rapid development and shipping of Media Center Extenders by cutting down the work the OEM has to do in order to get the finished product ready. The next step up might be … Continue reading Extender Combos with HD DVD/Blu-ray & IPTV Functionality?

The Media Center Show #126

The Media Center Show #126 | 10th October 2007 (1 hour 15mins 53sec) MP3 – 26MB (Download Here) This week Ian Dixon talked with Niall Ginsbourg about his Vista Media Center applications, the process he follows when developing Media Center applications and how he is getting businesses looking at Media Center development .

More CableCARD Shake-ups at HP and Dell

Even though HP stuck with the m8100y longer then the m8010y, it doesn’t mean they don’t feel the need to upgrade the line yet again.  This time it gets the m9000t label, and that appears to be all that is different.  A low-end model will run you around $1,200 but HP still does not give you the option to pick up a second Digital Cable Tuner. Dell on the other hand, is hiding Digital Cable support unless you pay extra for a DellCare Protection Plan.  This really annoys me.  Dell has had better support than HP for CableCARD, but to … Continue reading More CableCARD Shake-ups at HP and Dell

DVB Version of HDHomeRun on the Way

Looks like the guys at SiliconDust are ready to fill part of the DVB gap in Media Center the same way they filled the QAM gap in the US. They are planning a DVB version of the HDHomeRun (Via Brent Evans) which will support DVB-T and unencrypted DVB-C. I’m not sure what is currently out there to get unencrypted DVB-C support in Media Center, but hopefully this will help some of you non-US Media Center users.

Microsoft Mediaroom Wins Stratecast Award for Superior Software Business Strategy

Award recognizes Microsoft Mediaroom for its value to the digital TV ecosystem. REDMOND, Wash. — Oct. 9, 2007 — Microsoft Corp. today announced that its Microsoft® Mediaroom™ Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and multimedia platform has won Stratecast’s 2007 Award for Superior Software Business Strategy. The award demonstrates Microsoft’s leadership in IPTV technology and is proof of the company’s success in delivering a best-in-class digital TV platform that enables a superior user experience. Stratecast has given Microsoft the prestigious honor because it believes Microsoft’s strategy of developing a comprehensive IPTV architecture will continue to generate superior TV experiences for consumers and … Continue reading Microsoft Mediaroom Wins Stratecast Award for Superior Software Business Strategy

Short Bits: Niveus Companion, Omaura, Plug-ins

Ian Dixon has got a review up of Niveus’ Companion software and it looks great.  After reading Ian’s review, go download that beta.  It does expire on November 1, so don’t wait too long to try it out.  No word yet on what the price will be (if it is sold to those without Niveus Media Centers), but it looks great for a UMPC or touchscreen. Keep your eye on Missing Remote as they will be giving away a few cases from Omaura which are just simply beautiful. A few new plug-ins out including a Joost plug-in (which I haven’t … Continue reading Short Bits: Niveus Companion, Omaura, Plug-ins