Short Bits: Zune Roundup

If you didn’t hear, the new Zunes were released yesterday
along with updated firmware and software
for v1 Zunes
.  Ian Dixon posted his
thoughts on the new
Zune Software
, along with his results on syncing
recorded TV to the Zune

Long Zheng posted the best advertisement
that I have ever seen for the Zune
If Microsoft is smart, this style of ad is what will help make the Zune.  The print
ads also excite me
and are very well done. 
No doubt, these ads and concepts are much better then the
first new one, which sucks at best.
If Microsoft can keep this up, the Zune
will be more of a iPod competitor.

Still some big issues with Zune though.  Doesn’t sync HD content (ATSC), of course
doesn’t sync CableCARD content at all, no Smart Playlists (as the ratings
), some
album art issues
, they removed the EQ apparently, and I’m sure there is
more.  Big one for me, as I’ve been talking about Media Center integration is not really so when you compare it to other players.  Media Center integration just means that the Zune Software imports analog recordings.

Mossberg says it is still no iPod
.  CNET gave it a 8.3 out of 10.  More on Gizmodo
and Engadget.

This Zune is what the first should have been, and I’m
actually looking forward to the v3 Zune.

3 thoughts on “Short Bits: Zune Roundup

  1. Well, you know how it goes with Microsoft products: version 1 is laughable, version 2 shows potential, and version 3 is a home run (and usually buries the competition).

  2. I wouldn’t say v3 always “buries the competition”. In fact, off the top of my head I can’t think of many products that would fall under that concept.

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