Microsoft’s Media Center Vision Includes Softsled?

Study this image for about two seconds, and you should see
something interesting.  This image was possibly made
for (or by) John Eldridge, a LIVE Evangelist at Microsoft and shown as a part
of a presentation titled “Creating
Innovative Business Applications Using Microsoft Emerging Technologies
” (late 2006, early 2007).

So, at least one person sees the “Media Center Vision”
including Softsled.  Wonder what the hold
up is with eHome understanding and addressing it?  LIVE doesn’t seem to have a huge problem with
it, it is just too bad they don’t make Media Center.


2 thoughts on “Microsoft’s Media Center Vision Includes Softsled?

  1. I don’t think the Live team made that slide either… I have that exact slide in a presentation from the eHome team dating back to 2005. I’m guessing that it just got re-used w/out eHome’s explicit blessing. They’ve been pretty clear that this is not an area in which they plan to invest — at least not in the form of a PC Pika client.

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