7 thoughts on “Spend An Evening with S1Digital and Media Center

  1. If anyone makes it along to this, I’d be curious to hear exactly how Microsoft are seamlessly integrating Blu-Ray to the Media Centre experience…

  2. C’mon Grant,

    No legitimate solution can yet stream BR and HD-DVD video throughout your home. If Sony and Toshiba don’t have that feature yet, and they created the formats, Microsoft will have to wait just like the rest of the consumer electronics companies. 🙁

  3. There are several ways for end users to stream any ripped content, including HD-DVD and Bluray, to multiple locations within the home using multiple Media Center PC’s.

  4. John,

    You are correct about ripped content, but if you’ll re-read, Grant was asking about streaming the actual BR and HD-DVD video throughout a home.

    Everyone is aware that ripped content can be streamed, but it must also be stored…and with the new generation of Hidef discs, the amount of storage required can be substantial.

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