Short Bits: D-Link Extender Delay, Not Getting a Mac

Word from a poster on The Green Button
is that the D-Link DSM-750 Extender has been delayed.  From a D-Link CSR, “Hello ,and thank you for
your inquiry.  The DSM-750 has been
delayed, it is now expected to be released at the end of Dec/early Jan.”

Update: PCalchemy
now reports December 7th as the expected date for their inventory
for the
Linksys Extenders.  Thanks gstone!

Update: Ed Bott confirms Linksys delayed too.

Also, I’ve been considering buying a Mac for a while
now.  I’ve used OS X on several
occupations and enjoy it, I hear about how great it is from my girlfriend who
works in front of one all day, and now that they can run Windows XP/Vista it
has been on the top of my list for when I upgrade my PC.

However, now I’ve run into a problem with that concept.  TigerDirect doesn’t sell Mac’s.  Why is this important?  Because I’ve got a $500 gift certificate for
TigerDirect (yeah, not my first choice either but it was free).  That screws up me getting a Mac right
now.  I just can’t pass up only needing
to drop $100-$200 for a new PC.

I order my parts yesterday, an C2D E6750, 2GB RAM, GeForce
8500, and 500GB HDD which would all be covered under the gift certificate.  Motherboard choice is still up in the air, but
will most likely be a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L LGA. 
I’m also going to pick up a semi-cheap Antec case to bring it all

6 thoughts on “Short Bits: D-Link Extender Delay, Not Getting a Mac

  1. good choices on all your components, including the DS3 mobo – might wanna consider more juice on your video, say a 8600gts.

  2. Just saw this on Ed Bott’s page…

    The CEO Greg Messner of PC Alchemy says:

    “I actually met with Linksys yesterday and the word they gave me was that the “official” launch date is 17 December with distributors having stock before the end of the year.
    Was not able to get a demo unit but did have a chance to play with the DMA2100 for a few minutes. The first thing I noticed was that it was smaller than I had thought, only about 6″ sq. and 1.25″ high., and of course completely silent.
    The experience was pretty much like that with VMC, a few things were missing like transitions on the slide show but overall I was pleased. If I am lucky enough to get a demo unit I will likely post a review at TGB and/or”
    Posted December 1, 2007 @ 2:38 pm

    And with PC Alchemy showing 12/21 In-stock Date, we may have a chance get our hands one of these Extenders this year.

    The waiting is driving me nuts! I just want to be able to do the following things after 2 years of trying make M$ media be my TV solution throughout my house. (I’m tired of the waiting/delays, and lack of information given to their customers for the reason for them,…or even the reasons why they would finally add MPEG 4 support to XBOX 360 and give no explanation to why they did not add this function to the people that have been asking for it the most… the MS Extender supporters.)

    I just want to be able to the following:

    1: Be able watch all my media from one interface: Stream Digital Cablecard TV, have one source for all recorded TV, watch a movie from my library from any of the 4 TV’s in my house in (Divx or Xvid format), or access music, pictures ect…

    “And not to watch pirated movies from the internet, but watch one of the movies I paid for… at anytime on any TV in my house.” This has been awesome for my kids movies. No more finding more finding the dirty scratched DVD that my not work anymore. At a click of a button from any TV in the house they can watch what they want. I have been using Transcode360 or old PC’s I have setup to the TV’s and a Dlink 520… Wouldn’t it be nice to just have one standardized interface that worked well to do this!

    2: I also like for the extender not be loud, big and bulky like a is XBOX that you can put in bed rooms.

    So to finally get to the point… I have the cablecard PC with 2 Cable Tuners and HDHOMERUN which gives me 4 digital turner capitally… I JUST NEED A MEDIA CENTER EXTENDTER THAT IS NOT RELEASED HALF ASS AND GIVES ME ALL I’M LOOKING FOR COMPLETE HOME MEDIA INTERGATED SYSTEM!

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