Ricavision Debuts New SideShow Remotes!

Ricavision has finally come out to play with new SideShow
remotes.  First off they have a brand new
design in their VAVE100.  Not only does
it have SideShow built-in, but it is now a universal learning remote too.  Everyone’s dream of Media Center control is
about to happen when this thing ships.

The VAVE100
Universal Remote Control with Windows Vista SideShow Technology
is the new top
of the line SideShow-based remote.  Features

  • Control 20 different entertainment devices from a distance
    of over 50 feet via IR
  • 2.4 Inch QVGA LCD Display with a resolution of 240×320
  • IR+Class 1 Bluetooth with Audio streaming
  • Learning feature and Macro support (Built-in 1500 brands via
    LCD display setup)
  • One touch of the Windows Media Center
  • Let the SideShow Begin! 
    Built in SideShow support
  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Ion battery
  • Includes docking station with RC6 receiver, Bluetooth transceiver
    and a power charger

Check it out on pre-order
for only $274.00
.  Ships
in February 29, 2008.

Next up is the non-SideShow VAVE50 Windows Vista Universal
Remote Control
.  This is more of a
Harmony replacement than anything else, but it looks more Media Center friendly
then any Harmoy remote on the market. 
Features for this guy include…

  • Controls 15 different devices
  • LCD screen to identify your device
  • LCD screen allows for user defined keys and favorite
  • Media Center ready

No word on price or availability yet, but you can assume it
will be less expensive then the VAVE100.


Also, Ricavision has setup their PLIX Gadgets Bank, which
allows you to download gadgets specially designed Gadgets for Ricavision’s
SideShow remotes.  Currently listed are PLIX
Photo Gadget, PLIX Radio Gadget, PLIX Movie Gadget, and PLIX Weather Gadget.  Standard Sidebar Gadgets should also work

One sad bit of news, their Fridge Magnet/Scribbler
, eBook Reader,
and eChatter are now said
to be prototypes still in development.  I
wouldn’t expect them to ship soon because of that, which is too bad because they
are great ideas that I would love to get my heads on.


Update: Sideshow will support control of Extender sessions. 

13 thoughts on “Ricavision Debuts New SideShow Remotes!

  1. I still say the perfect sideshow device would be the Zune controlling Media Center over Wifi.

    “For example, you’d be able to view thumbnails of TV shows that are available to watch on the Media Center thru your Zune. On your Zune, you could choose to have Media Center play a certain TV show or choose to have the video download/sync to your device. Maybe you could have a preview of the video downloaded to your Zune to see if you want to watch it. The same could be true for music files. This would be a great feature that would help promote both Zune and Vista. It would be one feature that Apple couldn’t easily replicate.”

    That’s just one idea for the Zune. Here are a few others…

  2. Ok great, so now I can buy this marvellous SideShow enabled remote to use in my living room. Thing is, I’m likely to switch to a V2 extender when they become available. Any word on SideShow compatibility on extenders?

  3. Agree with Jaxim. The Zune would be an excellent sideshow remote and would represent a unique feature that Apple (or anyone else) couldn’t compete with.

    The Zune already has a very Vista-MCE-like interface. This would fit in so well.

  4. Alexander: I was told by Microsoft last time I asked that SideShow remotes will control Extenders.

    SideShow would be a great feature on the Zune. Considering there is now a Windows Mobile SideShow SDK out, it might come with the next firmware update if Microsoft is smart.

  5. Man, the value proposition of a Zune-30 would be incredible. For under $100, you’d get a 30-gig media player with a great display and the latest interface, you’d get wireless sync, and now you would be getting a crazy cool remote control for your MCE that would allow you to find and play music (cover art and all) without turning on your TV.

  6. That would be true for now, but the $100 Zune’s are likely be disappear once the stock is gone. I don’t think Microsoft will continue to push out new brown Zune’s. 🙂

    I completely agree though. A Zune with SideShow would put one in my pocket.

  7. Chris – when you say that sideshow remotes will work with v2 extenders, how do you mean? Are you just talking about via IR outside of Sideshow? Or are you talking about a full Sideshow implementation? Is the eHome team coming out with a sideshow gadget that will let you choose an extender to control? That would be awesome! A huge plus for using a sideshow remote on a VMC is being able to control music without turning on the main display — is this the kind of sideshow functionality coming to extenders?

  8. I don’t remember the way I phased the question, but I assumed it meant the SideShow-display could talk to the Extender session. It shouldn’t be that hard as the Extender session is really just an account on the local PC. I’ll check again to make sure though.

  9. Hi Chris, I know you don’t work for Ricavision, but does anybody know if this functions as a Bluetooth Remote? I know it says it is bluetooth, but it also says it controls devices via IR. Does it do both? If so I would buy one. I have finally gone minimalist, locating my pc behind me and am using the gyration RF remote. Would love to trigger music and such withouth turning on the screen.


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