Xbox 360 Gets DivX Support; Extender Doesn’t

The new
Xbox 360 Dashboard gets MPEG-4 ASP support (DviX/Xvid)
, but yet again the
Extender portion of the Xbox 360 gets nothing. 
People don’t
seem to be too happy about this
, yet again. 
didn’t take any hint from my advice
, but that’s really nothing new.

Other Dashboard additions are playback of AC3 audio and
support for AVI files (so DivX with 5.1 Dolby Digital should work).  There are also tons of fixed for video
playback of various other formats.

also talked about the lack of support.

7 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Gets DivX Support; Extender Doesn’t

  1. Hey Chris why do you think everything feature you request will come out immediately? These things take time…we asked for Divx support and now we got it…

    With regards to the extenders is it MS responsibility to add Divx to those devices?

    Have some patients man.

  2. Yardman,

    “Come out immediately”? “Have Patience”? I honestly can’t tell if you’re joking. The X360 has been out for over two YEARS now and we’re still waiting for Divx on the extender.

    Is it MS’s responsibility to add Divx to their own Xbox360 extender when they’ve just added it to the dashboard of the Xbox 360? Are you kidding me? Who else’s responsibility is it?

    It’s just another example (of several) where Microsoft is proving to the world just how disjointed they are as a company. They can’t integrate their own products together. Period.

    The Zune barely works with MCE recordings and the integration has all kinds of deficiencies. The extender has several shortcomings compared to the Dashboard….. running on the very same piece of hardware.

    It’s amazing to me that the biggest software company in the world can’t invest a few resources to get it right.

  3. I echo Aaron’s thoughts, Yardman I surely don’t expect Microsoft to listen to me personally (though, I am a Microsoft MVP and our thoughts are supposed to get some kind of acknowledgment), but I do expect them to listen to their user base and at least be consistent with format support. It is hardly too much to ask that products that are coming out of the same company support the same formats.

  4. And yet, some how, MS is trying to fool us into thinking that all we need is VMC and several Extenders (360s). /sacrasm.

    For the last two years I’ve been waiting for MS to, finally, make the 360 a decent Extender system. If it was then I wouldn’t be so pissed about the total lack of Softsled.

  5. Don’t get me started on other missing BASIC features.

    Encrypted DVB-T, DVB-T HDTV (H.264), DVB-S, DVB-C, DVB Text etc!

    Microsoft was once the leader in Media Center products. Now they are totally lost.

    If the “missing” WMC update does not include most of the above + DivX/XviD and H.264 support they will loose MANY users.

    Microsoft needs to be more open and disclose their plans for WMC. They are behind and need to convince users to stay with the product!

  6. I know that many people are now saying, “See MS listens to you, be patient”. But although this may have been in the works, (Divx support for 360) they did not release it till after Sony said the Playstation III would have it. So, are they really listening to the users or is it simply that the competition is getting it? (which would be sad, since the Playstation numbers are so low).

    Honestly, I have 3 VMC systems and a 360. All I need is a verion of Centerstage on the Mac to chuck it, buy a few little headless macs and dump VMC.

    But, just me ranting.


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