Short Bits: Worst Tech, Remotes, Ed’s Extender

Apple TV scored the #1 position on Yahoo’s 10 Worst Tech Products for 2007.  I’m no fan of it, but as it appears Apple might finally be launching movie rentals in iTunes it could get a second coming.  Renting movies from the Apple TV would defiantly add significant value, but then again so would iTunes purchases in general from Apple TV.  Microsoft Surface and Windows Vista also were included in the list.  I can see Windows Vista as the public perception of it is horrible, but not Surface.  The author of the article seemed to be taking Surface as a … Continue reading Short Bits: Worst Tech, Remotes, Ed’s Extender

Ricavision Raises VAVE100 Prices; Now $350

Ricavision has single handedly made me lose the last bit of faith I had in SideShow.  Last month I posted about their VAVE100 finally starting to take shape with pre-orders online for $274 ($24 off, regular price was $299).  That isn’t a bad price considered what good Harmony remotes go for, but today I noticed that the price is now $350! The key point of SideShow devices was supposed to be that they were going to be low priced devices and that Gadgets would continue to add value to the devices.  Ricavision started with the RICA100 being said to ship … Continue reading Ricavision Raises VAVE100 Prices; Now $350

Short Bits: VC-1 SDK, TiVo Gadget, Awards

Microsoft just released the VC-1 Encoder SDK – Professional is designed to provide file-based and/or real-time encoding capability to general content creation toolsets or dedicated encoding software applications. Mike Swanson posted an updated version of his TiVo Gadget for Windows Vista (Via ActiveWin). Don’t forget to vote in The Media Center Show Awards.  I believe voting ends this month, so just a few more days to get your vote in.

Linksys DMA2100 Extender Now Shipping

The first v2 Extender is now officially shipping!  The Linksys DMA2100 is available now from Dell for $250.  It supports playback of MPEG-2, MPEG-4 ASP (DivX/Xvid), and MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) along with being completely silent (no fans).  Getting DivX Working on Linksys Extenders Update:  Galileo points to the manuals for both the DMA2100 and DMA2200 up online. There is also a hands-on thread at The Green Button with posters who have the unit in their hands. Gizmodo says it only support Xvid, this is wrong. (Read Update2)  It supports both DivX and Xvid as they are both really just MPEG-4 … Continue reading Linksys DMA2100 Extender Now Shipping

Digital Cable Tuners (OCURs) Not Getting SDV Adaptor?

Now that CableLabs and TiVo have announced that they will have an adapter for Switched Digital Video (SDV) on one-way UDCP devices the question has been will the same adaptor (generally refered to as a Tuning Resolver) work with Media Center and OCURs (Digital Cable Tuners/DCTs)?  My first guess was ‘no’ as OCURs are not classified as UDCP devices by CableLabs.  However, OCURs do have a USB connection and can have their firmware updated, both of which are requirements for the adaptor to work.  So where does this leave the possibility of the SDV adaptor working with OCURs? I’ve asked … Continue reading Digital Cable Tuners (OCURs) Not Getting SDV Adaptor?

First DIRECTV Tuner Details?

DIRECTV and even Sky TV support appear to be picking up speed.  Like many of you, I’ve been awaiting the DIRECTV tuner for Media Center since it was announced.  Microsoft and DIRECTV have been quiet on the subject which has made it hard to find out any details on the upcoming product. Lucky for us, Microsoft happens to be looking for a few employees to work near the project.  Feel free to apply, but for the rest of us who just want the shipping product here are the first small tidbits of information. According to the job posting, Microsoft is … Continue reading First DIRECTV Tuner Details?

Life|ware Launches Version 2.0.3

Latest release of industry-leading digital entertainment and automation software is highlighted by increased functionality, more connected partners and quicker dealer installations. Attendees can see the 2008 CES Innovations Award Honoree live at the groundbreaking Next Gen Home Experience. Columbus, OH – December 20, 2007 – Life|ware™ by Exceptional Innovation is excited to announce the latest release of its digital entertainment and automation solution. Life|ware version 2.0.3 delivers more functionality and more choice to customers through compelling new features and an expanded roster of connected partners. Life|ware solutions provide instant and easy access to all of your digital entertainment—photos, home videos, … Continue reading Life|ware Launches Version 2.0.3

Short Bits: Zune Tool, Media Center Show, Blockbuster

Not sure if it would be helpful to users, but Microsoft just released a Zune Device Diagnostic Tool.  According to Microsoft, the Zune Device Diagnostic Tool compiles data to help Product Support Services diagnose Zune USB and wireless sync connection problems. New Media Center Show, #136 – Steven Hughes today.  Don’t forget to vote in the The Media Center Show Awards! Blockbuster Online is all buy dead now, they just raised their prices again!  3 DVD’s out at once (Unlimited per month) just went from $24.99 to $34.99.  Netflix anyone?  I bought a few Netflix gift certificates for holiday gifts, … Continue reading Short Bits: Zune Tool, Media Center Show, Blockbuster

Embedded Automation Developing mControl SideShow Gadget

Embedded Automation is working on an mControl Sideshow gadget which is sure to make me go out and purchase a SideShow device (Via Missing Remote).  This type of gadget will prove to be the strength of SideShow, if we can get some hardware released to make it functional. Embedded Automation also has a few sneak peeks of v2.10 up on their forum and looks great.  Sneak Peek #1, Sneak Peek #2, Sneak Peek #3. mControl is one of the only applications to make use of the new Media Center related technologies within Windows Vista and other Microsoft products.  mControl 2.0 … Continue reading Embedded Automation Developing mControl SideShow Gadget

Passive Technologies Intros Blu-ray and HD DVD Combo lifeStation hd

Passive Technologies present the lifeStation hd, offering an immersive audiophile quality experience for all your Standard and High Definition media. For Passive its all about being able to handle any media anytime. Whether you want to play a cd, a DVD, Standard HD or BluRay, a DivX, an Mpeg, or a WMV, you don’t want to have to worry whether your system can play it. Now with both BluRay and HDDVD playback Passive have ensured that there’s no longer any need to worry about compatibility or future proofing. With support for True HD sound and DTS aswell you can be … Continue reading Passive Technologies Intros Blu-ray and HD DVD Combo lifeStation hd