Media Center Update (Fiji) Finally in 2008?

Mary Jo posted
today with her predictions for Microsoft in ’08
and what do you know on the
top of the list is Fiji.  I’ve talked
about Fiji
several times in the past, and ’08 should be the year it finally surfaces.  According to Mary Jo, it most likely has
already received a new codename (she suggests Windows 6.5, or something stupid
like it) and it looks like it will ship as part of a big Vista upgrade.

I would guess this will resemble the so-called “XP Reloaded”
push from a few years back when Microsoft shipped Windows XP Service Pack 2
along with several other updates (Media Player 10, Portable Media Centers,
Media Center Extenders, Photo Story, Remote Record, etc).  If this is true, I think the push could help
pull Windows Vista off life support (still getting hammered in the press). “Vista+1” is what Microsoft hasused in several internal documents to describe this update.

Mark Jo is expecting the final release around late summer,
which I believe is about what I
suggested six months ago
.  This
release has to be big for Media Center. 
We all know it and Microsoft does as well.  I’m expecting new and exciting things, but I
really don’t want to build up hype so much that it all comes crashing down when
something isn’t a part of the release.  I
expect Microsoft to hit on some of the major problems, and still ignore others.  It will be an exciting 2008, and you know I’ll
be covering it from end-to-end.

8 thoughts on “Media Center Update (Fiji) Finally in 2008?

  1. In an earlier blog entry you mentioned that the Xbox360’s dashboard (w/ fall update) was the greatest enemy to Media Center. Still think so with advent of the Sage Xtender?

  2. Yes and no. Xbox 360 Dashboard is the biggest enemy to Media Center because the general public and even some early adopters feel it does as good of a job as they need. They don’t need Media Center to do what they want, the Xbox 360 Dashboard with the recent update for codec’s does all they need.

    On the other hand those who have already bought into the full connected home thing, SageTV and their Extender are taking marketshare away from Media Center.

    So, it depends on what side you want to look at. Xbox 360 Dashboard is Media Center biggest enemy for the general publics adoption of Media Center. SageTV/Extender is Media Center biggest enemy from the geeks/early adopter/enthusiast/connected home proponent.

  3. First and foremost include the Softsled client!!
    Ability to run in server mode with WME apps running as services when logged off. Ability to record multiple drives. Just have list if record locations in order of Presidence.

  4. I know I’m behind the times and haven’t converted to Vista, but has all support for MCE 2005 now vanished, or will there be something in XP service pack 3?

  5. Feature upgrades to MCE 2005 are done.  Only security patch are general OS fixes are likely to popup.  Media Center as an application is basically dead.

  6. Historically Media Center releases as “free” updates, but considering the lack of information about what the release is and includes, right now we don’t know anything.

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