Passive Technologies Intros Blu-ray and HD DVD Combo lifeStation hd

Passive Technologies present the lifeStation hd, offering an immersive audiophile quality
experience for all your Standard and High Definition media.

For Passive its all about being able to handle any media anytime. Whether you
want to play a cd, a DVD, Standard HD or BluRay, a DivX, an Mpeg, or a
WMV, you don’t want to have to worry whether your system can play it.
Now with both BluRay and HDDVD playback Passive have ensured that there’s no
longer any need to worry about compatibility or future proofing. With support
for True HD sound and DTS aswell you can be guaranteed to get the best out of
all your HD media for years to come.

And with a Passive system the same attention to detail goes
from the lowest to the highest quality MP3, WMA and AAC audio files as it does
for full HD Video. For audiophiles there is the custom mCrystal soundboard
providing superb analogue and digital outs, bespoke power cleaning circuits,
high quality gold connectors as standard and an aluminium chassis with
excellent thermal and non-magnetic properties for superb quality crystal clear

One unique feature of the lifeStation range in the Media Center market, is
that the lifeStation hd is completely silent. Their machined aluminium chassis
and their own Dynachill 3 technology means that heat from the powerful
processors is dispersed passively instead of needing noisy fans. The new
lifeStation hd, designed for use with Passive’s external storage solutions for
multiroom installs, also uses the latest solid state hard drives which have no
moving parts so that even the last whisper of a spinning hard drive is removed.

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