Embedded Automation Developing mControl SideShow Gadget

Embedded Automation is working on an mControl Sideshow
gadget which is sure to make me go out and purchase a SideShow device (Via
Missing Remote
).  This type of gadget
will prove to be the strength of SideShow, if we can get some hardware released
to make it functional.


Embedded Automation also has a few sneak peeks of v2.10 up
on their forum and looks great.  Sneak Peek
, Sneak
Peek #2
, Sneak Peek

mControl is one of the only
applications to make use of the new Media Center related technologies within
Windows Vista and other Microsoft products. 
mControl 2.0 has a beautiful
, they have a Windows
Home Server add-in
, and now a SideShow gadget is on the way.  What else could you want?

One thought on “Embedded Automation Developing mControl SideShow Gadget

  1. I think that’s great. I bought their mcontrol software and have it running on WHS with the addin. I can also check it’s status through MCE at the same time. Good stuff.

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