Linksys DMA2100 Extender Now Shipping

The first v2 Extender is now officially shipping!  The Linksys
DMA2100 is available now from Dell
for $250.  It supports playback of MPEG-2, MPEG-4 ASP
(DivX/Xvid), and MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) along with being completely silent (no
fans).  Getting
DivX Working on Linksys Extenders

Update:  Galileo points to the manuals for both the DMA2100
and DMA2200
up online.

There is also a hands-on thread at
The Green Button
with posters who have the unit in their hands.

says it only support Xvid
, this is wrong. (Read Update2)  It supports both DivX and Xvid as they are
both really just MPEG-4 ASP.  The
difference is that DivX is a registered trademark and thus Linksys would want
to get DivX Inc. to certify the device before they say it will play the
content.  That crap aside, it plays both DivX and

Update 2: A few posters have said they can’t get DivX content to play.  I find it hard to believe that Linksys would limit playback to a FourCC of “Xivd,” but I hope to be able to find out more.  Both DivX and Xvid are MPEG-4 ASP and as long as their is an MPEG-4 ASP compliant decoder both DivX and Xvid can be decoded without any issue.

Update 3: Getting
DivX Working on Linksys Extenders

When encoding DivX for this device you most likely can’t use Global Motion Compensation (GMC), Qpel, MPEG quantization, or multiple B-frames.  Disable these in your DivX encoder before encoding.  Once encoded, the features can’t be removed.

6 thoughts on “Linksys DMA2100 Extender Now Shipping

  1. Chris,

    I spent hours today trying to get Divx files to work. The DMA2100 will not play files created with the Divx codec, only files I created with Xvid.

  2. Mike: Both DivX and Xvid are MPEG-4 ASP. Their is an MPEG-4 ASP decoder in there. There is not an “Xvid decoder” or “DivX decoder”, just MPEG-4 ASP. I’d make sure you are encoding within an AVI container (don’t do .divx), and make sure you are not using GMC.

  3. Thanks for the response…

    I use Auto Gordian Knot(AutoGK) for both Xvid files and Divx. When this tool is used, it puts the files in an AVI container. (I understand both these formats are MPEG-4 ASP.) When I use the GSPOT codec reader it does show if a file was created using DIVX or Xvid branded codec.

    I must be missing something… This would not that big of deal for me, but I have over 400 files made using the DIVX branded codec… I don’t want have to convert them all. (Which I tested, and does work if converted.)

    Also… All my files work in XBOX 360 dashboard with no problems.

    One last thing… What is a GMC?

  4. Also, if you want fast forwarding capabilities,
    and instant playback stick with encoding in WMV format as the xvid will only skip forward.

    Here are the issues I have encountered so far:

    Parity Bit Remote Codes rendering most learning
    remotes useless and no way to change registy as in the host machine to get around it.

    Extemely slow re-boot time to Linksys Interface.

    Lack of Divx Support

    Xvid is Delayed in Start Up and will not FF

    It also seems to freeze fairly often.

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