Ricavision Raises VAVE100 Prices; Now $350

Ricavision has single handedly made me lose the last bit of
faith I had in SideShow.  Last
month I posted about their VAVE100
finally starting to take shape with
pre-orders online for $274 ($24 off, regular price was $299).  That isn’t a bad price considered what good Harmony remotes go for, but today I noticed that the price
is now $350

The key point of SideShow devices was supposed to be that they were going
to be low priced devices and that Gadgets would continue to add value to the
devices.  Ricavision started with the
RICA100 being said to ship at $199, in May it was bumped up to $299 with an
August 2007 release date.  Now basically in 2008 we
still don’t have shipping remotes and the price has ballooned to $350, nearly double the initial price.

This is really sad as some
really good gadgets appear to be taking shape
, but $350 for a remote that
seemingly will never ship doesn’t interest me anymore.

As a side note, Ricavision is also selling
the standalone
Windows SideShow Module
for $120.  I’m
not really sure how it is powered or what is included, but any enterprising hacker
want to pick one up and build an in-wall unit?

One thought on “Ricavision Raises VAVE100 Prices; Now $350

  1. Is it just me, or is everything around Media Center failing these times?

    – Planned Media Center update for Vista that never got into beta in April-May although invited for.

    – Set-top Media Center extenders (prior versions) being deprecated for Vista, leaving a VERY noisy Xbox 360 the only extender for more than a year for Vista.

    – Media Center extenders that despite it being the most requested feature for years again with a release of the new extenders still does not play VIDEO_TS folders.

    – DivX/Xvid being supported on Xbox 360, but not being supported on the extender part, although new extenders proves possible.

    – Media Center extenders with a price range that is quite high compared to the Xbox 360.

    – SideShow devices that just never seems to be released, and for the few that are released, the Media Center gadget is not available.

    – ShowShow prices being very high.

    – Media Center still not officially supporting DVB-S, DVB-S2 and DVB-C in Europe, forcing users to go analog for their high-tech system, when a very high percentage (and the one MCE aims at) is already using digital.

    – Only Sony and Niveus ever released DVD changers for a DVD library that properly took a long time. Now Sony deprecated these, leaving only a WAY over-priced Niveus as option.

    I would make a positive list, but I am just not sure what to add to it.

    A while ago, I had faith in Microsoft getting all of this working correctly, but from where I sit, it looks as though everything the eHome team is getting their hands on fails.

    I am starting to believe that Microsoft themselves does not have plans for Media Center, or does not themselves believe in it.

    If that is the case, why should all of us believe in it?

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