11 thoughts on “Got a v2 Extender? Share Your Experience

  1. Does anyone tried a v2 Extender with MCE 2005? The 360 works with both Vista and MCE 2005, I have a HP MediaSmart TV and waiting for my extender software update, and wondering if other extenders support both v1 and v2 protocols.

  2. v2 Extenders only work with Vista and v1 Extenders only work with MCE 2005. The Xbox is the only Extender that works with both.

  3. Got a DMA-2100 yesterday and it hasn’t been a good experience so far. It says there is network congestion on a Gigabit network? My xbox streams fine. Might wind up sending it back and just getting xbox’s instead for almost the same price.

  4. Had a DMA-2100 for a few days, overall I like it. The animations aren’t as nice as the 360 and it seems to take really long time to start up from off (red light). It’s good at playing H.264, and mpeg4 content that I’ve thrown at it (mostly podcasts), but for some reason .MP4 files do not show up in Videos so I rename them .M4V or .MOV and the show up and play back fine.

  5. Got one last week, easy setup and performace is good. Plays all of my movies, even DivX stuff. Small form factor fits with my other stuff.
    Overall good value

  6. I got a 2200 to replace my Boeing360, If I had never used the xbox as a extender I would love it! I would not miss the fluid UI, or the non-linear stretch of the 360. but it does not compare to the 360 (and it is about the same price!) I wish the 360 was not so frick’n loud!.

    on another note, I have the 360 and the 2200 in the same room and the remote works both units! How can you pair a remote to only one device??

  7. Got my 2200 yesterday.

    I fixed the 360/2200 problem by disconnecting the Media Center computer on the xbox360 (via the setup area). Then, the 360 stopped responding to the remote.

    I’m not *real* impressed with my 2200 so far. It’s not nearly as fluid as the 360 in terms of menu navigation. I miss my backlight 360 remote, and I find I have to make sure I press the keys down all the way on the 2200 remote.

    The 2200 completely hung several times on me last night, and I had to physically turn it off to get it to start properly again. I’m hoping that the crashes were an artifact of the background library creation, and not everyday behavior.

    Having said that, it’s dead quite compared to my 360, so it’s actually pleasant to use it for quiet music (jazz, classical, etc). Also, the streaming TV image quality does seem quite good.

    One thing that scares me — will it be incompatible with whatever they do in the Fiji update? I have already tossed out *one* media center extender already (XP based), and I’d rather not do it again.

  8. Todd: Search The Green Button for remote code ID, I believe there is a way to set ID for each remote.

    John: I see no reason why they will not work in the next Media Center release, but for future releases on different platforms it’s hard not to let go of Microsoft’s track record.

    Re all: The Linksys Extenders are not as powerful as the multi-core Xbox 360. Because of this, transitions are often a bit laggy. Disable them in the Media Center Settings for a smoother experiences.

  9. Just received DMA 2100 from amazon.com. Overall quite impressed. Simple setup, smaller than I expected, and silent. Remote is cheap and nasty and have to press buttons hard. Navigating MCE menus slower than Xbox but I’ll take that any day instead of being deafened by the Xbox. HDTV playback same quality as Xbox.

  10. I have an Xbox360 Elite in my theater and It is not loud at all. As a matter of fact, my motorolaDVR cable tuner is louder than the Xbox. The new Xbox’s coming out have smaller power supplies and are not loud, in fact I couldn’t even tell it was on.

    Now my son’s older xbox is loud

  11. I just received the 2200 and unfortunately, as much as I want to ‘love’ it, it’s not happening. Right from the start, the MAC address on the back of the system and the box it came with was wrong so it would not sync with my router, which uses MAC filtering. Quick fix though with a MAC scan and back on track.
    I loaded the 300 meg patch from Microsoft and connected to the extender. Video that plays on the media center does not play on the extender (AVI, compression:XVID, audio:mpeg-layer 3, VOB files).
    So I decided to test a normal DVD for the upconvert capabilities. I loaded the DVD and it froze the extender. I had to reboot it a couple of times because it would not play the DVD unless it was connected to the media center computer. It kept displaying the error “waiting for PC”. Finally it kicked in and started playing the DVD.
    Needless to say, not a good start since the whole point of the purchase was to watch downloaded files without having to reconvert it to another format.

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