Short Bits: mControl Extension, Inteset Monitoring, More

Trying to catch up on some interesting stuff that I have
missed over the past week.

created an extension for mControl
that allows you to control other Media
Center PC’s via mControl.  It uses MCE
Controller to do the work on the backend, and I’m waiting to find time to try
it out myself.

Inteset is now
offering a 24hr/7day/365yr server monitoring service
called “Inteset
Heartbeat Monitoring Service” that can remotely monitor all hardware and
software of their media servers/extenders. 
Very neat for the high end install.

Missing Remote has a review
of MCE Weather
and the news of ATI/AMDs new video cards, the
HD 3400 and HD 3600 series

More information on Windows 7 seems
to keep creeping out
, along the same lines some are putting Vista SP1 for release
mid next month

2 thoughts on “Short Bits: mControl Extension, Inteset Monitoring, More

  1. Just a comment on the Vidabox control system. Like you said they are using Autonomic Home on the back end, but the front end is also mostly an app called Mirage that comes with the Autonomic Home Server software. They have upgraded a few things with the images and such but you will get the same thing by buying Autonimic Home Server and installing the Mirage plugin that comes with it.

  2. I think we are talking about different things. This is a plug-in for mControl that uses MCE Controller (from Charlie Kindel).

    Vidabox also does the Mirage stuff from Autonomic Home, but this is different (unless I’m miss understanding things, I’ve yet to play with it).

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