Ricavision Sideshow Remote Slips Again; Now Summer 2008

I’m sorry for those of you who have pre-ordered Ricavision’s
VAVE100, but after
delay after delay
, price
raise after price raise
, the VAVE100 Sideshow remote is now said to have a ship
timeframe of “Summer 2008.”

If you have pre-ordered the remote, I’d highly suggested
cancelling your order at this point.  It is
sad that one of the best features of Vista has yet to really take shape in
third party devices.

I’ll now be turning my attention to DnC
Multimedia’s Sideshow-enabled portable media player
as well as Ikanos Consulting Sideshow software
for Windows Mobile devices and iPod/iPhones (in private beta).

3 thoughts on “Ricavision Sideshow Remote Slips Again; Now Summer 2008


    I would be so psyched to have the ability to walk around my house controlling my MCE from the Zune. Finally, no TV required to play music. All the pieces are in place, it already has the Vista-like interface as well as 802.11 wireless. It would be the coolest MCE remote. It would sell a few more Zunes, it would be another unique feature, it would demonstrate some sorely needed integration between MSFT products…..And it would add legitimacy to this high-potential sideshow technology that seems to be dead in the water!

  2. This is really unfortunate. I was one of the few that purchased the reference version back in August and while its not perfect it truly is a killer feature.

    The ref platform Bluetooth is ok at my house although it does lose connection occasionally. my BT receiver is in the garage with the media PC so I am amazed it works at all. The default MS Gadgets for music are just horrific, this is not a Rica issue. It feels like someone with a total music collection of 5 CD’s wrote the darn thing. Hopefully Rica generates their own. The Sideshow site (http://ricavision.com/sideshow) has Plix Music gadget but I have yet to try it since I just went and wrote my own for my specific needs.

    I also wrote a nice app that I needed to manage my switched media systems and for me the Reference model has worked rather nicely.

    I’ll probably buy the production version when(if) it arrives. SideShow is the only platform that allows me to generate my own apps and browse my music/media collection in real-time from the backyard.

    John (siberian _at_ gmail daht com)

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