Short Bits: CableCARD, Beta Testing

Missing Remote has published a few great CableCARD articles,
including some steps
to take if your cable company doesn’t want to install a CableCARD in your PC
.  A Vista PC with Digital Cable Tuners are
CableLabs certified, so all US cable companies must provide CableCARDs to go
with it.  A question has come up about
the difference of your cable company installing vs. providing CableCARDs.  I’m not sure what the official wording is,
but I’ll try and do a post later on exactly what the FCC statements say.

Missing Remote also published a CableCARD
Resources article
, of course I’d also suggest one of their first links on
the list, that being my CableCARD

Mary Jo
says that Microsoft is seeking testers for something Media Center related
though the product is just listed as “Windows Media Center Tester Application.”  I have no idea if it’s something different then the
next Media Center release
; Mary Jo’s source says that hardware specs were a
popular question in the survey, and while the sources thoughts of why those
questions where asked are partly right, there is another reason they are usually
asked.  I’ll leave that to others to
speculate, but it’s not too hard to get.

6 thoughts on “Short Bits: CableCARD, Beta Testing

  1. I disagree with the steps to get a CableCARD installed when having probs. Step 1 is the best bet, try (a few times) for a different rep. However, bitching online or spamming the executive team isn’t a good use of time… unless you’re a blogger. 😉 I also wouldn’t fight my way up the corporate ladder – they may not pass your info along or give you access.

    HOWEVER, the local jurisdiction which grants the cable-co the right to operate is a good next step. With a recent CableCARD scenario, I called the responsible county division and filed a complaint. Within a couple hours, I heard from a different MSO department and the issue was resolved onsite the next business day instead of the 2 weeks I was originally quoted.

    I’ve gotten two emails, maybe one this month and one last about applying for a MCE beta opportunity. Unfortunately, one of the emails came in during or near CES and I forgot all about it until I just read your post. Doh!

  2. That survey on connect has been there for a while (mine was filled out 12/21/2007, and approved around the first week of January). And the last email I got form MS was that the survey process was closing last week.

  3. The beta application that went out in December is different than the one that is mentioned by Mary Jo. The questions on this new application are different and appear to be a little more user friendly. The December one seemed to be geared towards a more technical crowd.

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