New TV Toolbox Beta Released; Somehow Edits CableCARD Content

Two part post here, first of all Olcay
has released a new version (beta 4) of his 10-foot MCML DVR-MS editor

The release is mainly because of a timebomb in the last release, so if you
currently have it installed you should grab the new release if you wish to
continue using it.

On a related topic, it appears that TV Toolbox is able to
edit content recorded from CableCARDs.  This
according to a user at The Green Button
who says it works for all his
recorded CableCARD content including HBO HD.

I’m personally shocked at this, but don’t have a CableCARD
PC to test it with.  It doesn’t output the content in an un-protected
format, but if true this means you could cut commercials out and if not patched
gives hope for an automated commercial skip solution (though my guess is that
would still be a huge undertaking).

I’m not sure why TV Toolbox is able to edit this content,
but I don’t think there is anything specific in the application that would
allow it to work.  The developer, Olcay doesn’t even live in the US where
the content originates, so I’m a little confused here.

5 thoughts on “New TV Toolbox Beta Released; Somehow Edits CableCARD Content

  1. It wouldn’t be all that surprising that you could edit a file using the SBE. Even though the frames are encrypted the dvr-ms file is still a valid dvr-ms file. The object that does the “cutting” takes values for start and end times from the source file to put into the new file. I doubt that it tries to understand the contents of the file when that happens. It probably just copies the packets directly.

    The blocking issue for commercial skipping is that the scanner needs to be able to understand the frames that it processes; without the key it can’t do that.

  2. I can confirm, you can edit CableCARD content with TV Toolbox. It doesn’t remove the protections though.

    BTW, as a side note, you can also watch CableCARD recordings on a different PC from where it was recorded. You just have to move the DRM file with the recording. .

  3. I’m going to try it with by cablecard setup, if it works well it’ll save me tons of space!

    @Tom where can I find the DRM file?

  4. Brad: You find the DRM file here, C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\windows\drm.

    The file you need is drmstore.hds. You can only view the files if you have show protected/hidden files set.

    Things could get complicated if you record TV on the PC where you want to view recordings, as both would have the file. In my case, I sometimes watch the shows on a PC where I don’t record, so I can overwrite the file.

    Good luck.

  5. Tom:

    I am having difficulty getting this to work. My CableCard machine is a bit flaky right now and I am often having to reinstall the operating system or restore from a backup image. After doing so, many (if not all) of my recordings, which I maintain on a separate drive, are no longer viewable. This is a well known problem of the DRM system in the CableCard machines. After reading the posts above, I was hopeful that the problem could be overcome by the following steps:

    (1) backing up the current DRM folder to a separate drive

    (2) reinstall the operating system or restore to a previous image of the disk containing the operating system

    (3) copy the backed up DRM folder in Step (1) to the fresh installation/image in Step (2).

    Unfortunately, after restoring an image last night I was unable to obtain access to my previously recorded content even though I copied back the archived DRM folder.

    ANy thoughts?

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