Short Bits: HDMI Switch, Plug-ins, More

I just finished hooking up an HDMI switch because of a
growing number of HDMI devices.  If
anyone is looking for an inexpensive HDMI switch the place to look is at (also for inexpensive cables). 
I got the 4×1
HDMI Switch
(1.3b Certified HDMI, Equalizer and IR Remote, REV.3.0) for
just $40 and it works great.

It also works perfectly with a Toshiba HD-A3 HD DVD player
(with latest firmware).  This was a
problem as there are reports all over the web of the Monoprice switches not
working with the A3.  This switch works
perfectly for all you Googlers, as do Harmony remotes which has the IR commands
already in the database.

On the Media Center side, Missing Remote has some great
articles including tips on playing
game ROMS in Media Center/SageTV
and a review of MiraWorldTV
for Vista Media Center

Ian Dixon has The
Media Center Show #142
featuring his final CES interviews and his
first impressions of the Linksys DMA2100/DMA2200 Extenders

Niall launched,
the homepage for his Big Screen products like Big Screen Photos v2
and Big Screen
Weather v2
.  You can also now download
30 day trials of the products!  Of course
these are MCML plug-ins that look incredible in Vista Media Center.

One thought on “Short Bits: HDMI Switch, Plug-ins, More

  1. MiraWorldTV for Vista Media Center:
    Tried this on my VMC box this evening. Doesn’t stream to extenders — at least not the XBox 360. Layout is pretty decent, and easy to navigate.

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