CNET Doesn’t Read Other Blogs; Asks Where DIRECTV and CableCARD Support Is

Clearly CNET doesn’t read any blogs relating to the stuff they are talking
.  They just asked why nothing has come of the DIRECTV support in Media Center.  And to top it off they also say “Microsoft has been working even longer to try to get CableCard support into Vista PCs.”  Did I miss something, because Vista PCs have been shipping with CableCARD for over a year now!

Of course, those who keep up with technology related to the
topic might have seen a few posts about this online.  For example, here
and here?  These posts also made it on Engadget HD and Ars
Technica among other places.

Long story short for CNET, it is coming but there is a lot
of work to do to add support for things like H.264 HD.  To top it off, there has yet to be a Media
Center feature release to actually add the needed bits in Media Center.  Microsoft is basically building a whole
DIRECTV STB within Media Center, none of which existed before in any previous

Thanks Barb! 

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