Short Bits: Big Screen Apps, Apple TV, Start Menu Feedback

You can now purchase all Big Screen v2 products online at  Even better, right now you can get a few
bucks off your purchase by clicking
.  Next week, in the sprint of
the new branding in the sidebar you might just be able to win a free copy right
here.  Stay tuned.

Could Apple really beat
Microsoft to interactive TV applications
They now have a patent that describes OCAP-like interactivity
features.  OCAP of course, is the
interactivity layer that is defined in the CableCARD 2.0 (tru2way) specs that
should be supported in BOCRs.  No idea if
it is OCAP-based, but Apple seems to be getting more committed to Apple TV.

Owen is asking for feedback on the Media Center Start Menu
over at The
Green Button.  The overwhelming majority
of people want to have basic customization such as rearranging and hiding tiles
and strips.

One thought on “Short Bits: Big Screen Apps, Apple TV, Start Menu Feedback

  1. I may be missing the point here, but isn’t some of the functionality in the Apple patent already available in the Xbox360?

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