Vista Media Center Gets Netflix Plug-in with Watch Now Support

Fellow MVP Anthony Park has just
released MyNetflix for Vista Media Center
This incredible MCML plug-in has a host of features including “Watch Now”
streaming ability!  That’s right, no more
waiting for Netflix to get their head in the game
.  Other features include…

  • View Netflix queue
  • Browse movies
  • View your history/recommendations
  • Add/remove/move movies to your queue
  • Browse “Watch now” movies
  • Play “Watch now” movies

Grab the free beta download here.  Thanks for Anthony Park and Ryan Hurst (for the original
) for making this plug-in a reality.


13 thoughts on “Vista Media Center Gets Netflix Plug-in with Watch Now Support

  1. I was excited to see that this plugin handles Watch Now, and it works great on my vista box, but not on my xbox 360.

    Is extender support in the works, or is it impossible?

    Great work so far, thanks!

  2. This is the biggest question: Extender support……
    I bought a Linksys DMA-2100 and I am able to watch all my TV recordings like I should be able to. I downloaded MyNetflix and installed it. Had no problems in viewing the movies that were on the “by Genere” but for my “Que” it did not distinguish between what was available for watching on demand or what has to be sent through the mail. The Plug in did not work on the extender. Bummer.

  3. I have the DMA-2200 and also have no watch now feature. I would love to get that fixed and would be willing to pay to have it.

  4. too bad it doesn’t work with the extender. i’ve just installed the mynetflix plugin and it works great on my pc, but i can’t watch my movies on my tv. pc has appy sound system and tiny screen. i’d love to play my movies through my media center on my 360, but until we get around that extender problem i haven’t much use for this plugin.

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