Short Bits: Hulu Invites, Netflix BD, USB Card Reader

I’ve got five (5) Hulu
invites that I’m giving out.  If you want
one, reply to this post saying that you would like an invite and put your
e-mail address as your URL
.  I will
randomly select five people tonight and send you an invite.

It look like Netflix is dropping
HD DVD and going with Blu-ray only
.  It’s amazing how things can turn in just a
matter of weeks.  Once again, HD DVD
support in Media Center would be pretty pointless at this stage and native
Blu-ray in Media Center is far away

I’m looking to buy an internal
(front panel) USB card reader
for my desktop, but just based on reviews
there isn’t nessarcly such thing as a good one. 
I’m looking for one with a black faceplate, LEDs that don’t stay on
24/7, and that can accept Compact Flash and SD cards.  Based on reviews at Newegg there are also
problems with read/write speed with a lot of them (deal breaker).  Does anyone have an opinion on a good front
panel USB 2.0 card reader?

Update: Invites will be sent out today to the winners. 

20 thoughts on “Short Bits: Hulu Invites, Netflix BD, USB Card Reader

  1. I have used a Rosewill RCR-102 52-in-1 twice now. I built a computer back in Sept. with it, and liked it so much I replaced an older Sabrent card reader on my living room Media Center (which by the way had 24/7 LED’s that I HATED). The only thing I didn’t like about this one is it has the USB logo, but I find now it doesn’t annoy me at all and it helps keep dumb people from asking “what’s that for?” Don’t get a Sabrent. Mine stopped working and I had to troubleshoot.

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