The Media Center Show Awards 2008

Ian’s yearly Media
Center Show Awards podcast
has been posted, and while I wasn’t able to
attend I want to thank everyone for voting for me for best enthusiast blog.  Did I win? 
the show
and fast forward to 52:37 to find out.

If the suspense is killing you and you must know now, I won
again this year!!  Thank you to everyone
who voted and everyone else out their blogging.

Every year I say it wouldn’t be possible without all the
other bloggers and readers and that stays true. 
Even more so, the Media Center community and awareness of Media Center
has continued to grow over the past year. 
I’m interested to see what the landscape will look like next year.

Thanks to Ian for doing the show and everyone who voted.  A little bit later this year I’m finally
going to be back on The Media Center Show with Ian, so stay tuned.

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