ThinkRemote To Bring SideShow To Everyday Devices

As first spotted this morning on The
Green Button
, ThinkRemote
is an upcoming application that aims to bring SideShow to “everyday devices” like
your Windows Mobile phone, iPhone, Wii, Nintendo DS, PSP, web browser, and

The application is Media Center ready, and also focuses on
home control with the ability to support IR bridging, Z-Wave, WiFi, and

Check out the beta sign-up at controlthink’s

3 thoughts on “ThinkRemote To Bring SideShow To Everyday Devices

  1. It would be great if it included Zune support. Of course, It would be great if MS had sideshow support with the Zune right from the beginning.

  2. Now if only Logitech would release a Harmony supporting this tech or any other form of SideShow…..

    BTW: support of Thinkremote for Symbian S60 V3 phones like my Nokia N95 would be terrific too.

  3. Yes, i thought this would be compatible with my Nokia N95 to, or at least Nokia could have made the N95 Sideshow compatible 🙁 shame..

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