Short Bits: Advertising, MAINGEAR, Ultimate PC

Microsoft has started another round of Media Center/Extender
online advertising on sites like The Green Button, AVS Forum, and more.  It is nice to see Microsoft advertising more,
but the point still stands that the people who need to know about these technologies
are not being informed.  Microsoft needs
to wrap up Xbox 360, Zune, Media Center, Extenders, and Vista into a huge
advertising campaign directed at people who are not already visiting informed
web sources.

I posted last night about
MAINGEAR’s new Media Center PC
that uses the beautiful Omaura TF8 chassis.  What is interesting about this is that it has
a very low price (~$1400) while still offering integrated features like Blu-ray.  Wallace
says that CableCARD is coming, so this might be a company to
watch out for.

Microsoft launched a new website dedicated to showing off “Ultimate”
PC setups with Vista as the center.  Derek Flickinger
shows off his Ultimate Home Theater Blueprints
(Alt) on the new site, showcasing
everything from Extenders to a McIntosh MX119.

4 thoughts on “Short Bits: Advertising, MAINGEAR, Ultimate PC

  1. Not sure whats going on Chris, but link (Derek Flickinger shows off his Ultimate Home Theater Blueprints) redirecting me to a Mirosoft site, happens from work PC and my home PC.

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