VidaBox Media Servers Now Provide HD DVD & Blu-ray Storage and Streaming Capabilities

WESTBURY, NY – March 5th – VidaBox LLC is proud to announce
new HD DVD & Blu-ray storage and streaming abilities on their line of
premium media center systems. Unencrypted titles can be copied onto a VidaBox
server, and then streamed to VidaBox extenders. These capabilities will be
debuted in Demo Alley Room 240A at the Electronic House Expo (EHX), running
from March 13th through the 15th in Orlando, Florida.

“We’re excited to include yet another ground-breaking feature
in our line of media center systems,” comments Steven Cheung, President of the
company. “With HD discs becoming more prevalent in movie collections, there is
a growing need to store, manage, and distribute HD DVD & Blu-ray content
throughout the house. Our VidaBox systems will be able to meet and exceed those
needs, allowing dealers and integrators to offer their customers something
truly unique.”

The addition of HD DVD & Blu-ray streaming compliments
the other integrator friendly features already available on VidaBox, such as
multi-zone audio streaming, RS-232 & TCP/IP control with vCommand™, and newer
additions like vAutomation™ – the custom home automation GUI software w.
mControl™ – which will also be debuting at EHX.

“With VidaBox, end users can now enjoy a solution that
covers the entire breadth of AV needs.” Cheung continues, “For example, a
RACK16™ server can be installed, and as the stored collection of music,
pictures, DVD, HD DVD, & Blu-ray grows, additional space can be purchased
at any time. Meanwhile, up to 10 additional ROOMCLIENT v2, RACKCLIENT™ or SLIM™
v2 extenders can be added throughout the home for 10 simultaneous AV streams.  Combined with our multizone audio & home
automation integration capabilities, VidaBox truly offers a complete, high definition
home solution.”

For more details and specifications on VidaBox™ & their
Blu-ray & HD DVD streaming capabilities, please visit their company website
at, or see a live demonstration
of their products in Demo Alley Room 240A at EHX Spring from March 13th through
the 15th.

About VidaBox LLC

VidaBox LLC is a systems integration company focused on
manufacturing premium Media Center systems. VidaBox is on a mission to create
user-friendly, and stable high-performance Media Center systems that work right
out of the box.

For more information, visit
or call 1-516-730-7500.

5 thoughts on “VidaBox Media Servers Now Provide HD DVD & Blu-ray Storage and Streaming Capabilities

  1. So are they actually streaming BRD? I thought that was something restricted because of an “insecure” path. From what I remember a year ago, it might be possible to stream HD-DVD, but BRD was right out. Another reason why you wouldn’t see a BRD add-on for the 360.

  2. Did you notice the line following the first line claiming HD DVD and Blu-Ray streaming? “Unencrypted titles can be copied onto a VidaBox server, and then streamed to VidaBox extenders.” So no, your standard BD and HD titles cannot be backed up or streamed unless they are unecrypted.

  3. The key word is “unecrypted” – which means this is for the 5 people in the US who actually take the time and have the hardware to shoot, capture, edit, and author Blu-ray home movies from their HDV camera.

    In other words, this is a press release about nothing…

  4. “Unencrypted” is key, but streaming “encrypted” content “could” be done using programs already on the market (this is PC-to-PC, not PC-to-Extender).

  5. You use anyDVD HD to copy the disc, then they use Arcsoft TMT to playback the ripped movies. Their “Extenders” are another media center (not the Xbox360 type). You don’t need a Vidabox to do this, anyone can do it. They just made an annoucement stating the obvious…

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