FUZE Media Systems Introduces Entry-Level Whole-Home Media Solution for Smaller Residences

FUZE “Mini Edition” Is
a Complete, One-Box Solution
| Electronic House Expo Spring 2008

)–FUZE Media Systems, makers of the industry’s most complete
whole-home media system, today introduced an entry-level solution targeted at
vacation homes, condominiums, and apartments. The “Mini Edition” delivers the
same ease-of-use, reliability, and whole-home functionality associated with a
FUZE Media System—live & recorded TV, movies, music, photos, and more—but
is specifically designed for residences with 2-3 TVs.

The announcement reflects the company’s mission to enable
consumers with every budget to enjoy a whole-home media system that can store,
manage, and distribute all of a consumer’s desired home entertainment. The Mini
Edition’s price and performance characteristics radically expand the market to
which dealers can sell whole-home media systems.

Bob Silver, VP of Sales & Marketing at FUZE, explained
that “the industry is hungry for a cost-sensitive whole-home media solution
with FUZE reliability, ease-of-use, and performance. Without sacrificing
reliability or performance, this solution is perfectly suited for smaller homes
and apartments. We’re excited that we’ve been able to deliver a whole-home
media system, in a smaller form factor, with identical performance to our
flagship FUZE Media System.”

The FUZE Mini Edition comes standard with all necessary
hardware and software for 2 video and 4 audio zones; a third video zone is
offered as an option. The product works with EasyControl UPB, is FuzeTunes
ready, and is 100% expandable and upgradable to a full FUZE Media System. The
system’s server will come standard with 4GB memory, 750GB storage, and a 2.2GHZ
processor. The solution will be available in Q2 2008.

Integrators interested in learning more are encouraged to
visit booth #2216 at EHX Spring in Orlando or attend one of the company’s
manufacturer’s training events at the show on 3/13 and 3/15.

About FUZE Media

FUZE Media Systems shatters conventional notions about home
entertainment. FUZE is the first media-driven whole-home entertainment solution
that leverages the power of Microsoft’s Media Center platform. Built from the
ground-up to manage media, FUZE delivers a complete system that stores,
manages, organizes, and distributes all digital media—to any part of the home.
Equally important, FUZE serves as the home’s portal for the next generation of
direct-to-consumer downloadable media content. To learn more, visit www.fuzeav.com.

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