More Xbox 360 Blu-ray (Non)Talk by Microsoft

I’m not going to put this one as high up
as some other articles/reports
, but I was just sent a link to an MCV
UK interview with Chris Lewis,
VP of Microsoft Interactive Entertainment
Europe.  The quote… 

“We have no plans to do anything at all in terms of further
or additional movie playback peripherals.”

While I firmly believe Microsoft will not offer Blu-ray, I
can’t put to much stock on Lewis’ quote considering the rest of the article
revolves around quotes like “My own view is very clear…” and “My own sense…”  I don’t know Mr. Lewis’ job responsibilities,
but it doesn’t sound like he would be involved in such decisions anyway.  That said, as I’ve talked about in the past you would think such an idea would already be past the planning stages unless Microsoft is planning on offering a Blu-ray solution a year or so before the next console launch.

Of course his quotes do yet again reinforce that Microsoft
is already in the download business with 1080p downloads direct to the Xbox

Thanks Warren!

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