Short Bits: $150 Extenders, Media Center Show

Just a few reminders, Amazon is
still selling Linksys Extenders at $100 off
.  Some are getting that the code has expired,
but most others are not.  If you are
getting that it is expired, register for a new account and give it a shot.  The DMA2100 is $150 after the discount and
the DMA2200 is $200 (both have free shipping options).  This is really a fantastic deal, and while
you might not want to replace your Xbox 360 in your living room just yet the
Linksys Extenders are perfect for the bedroom (my review
of the DMA 2200 is here

Also, remember that I will be live on
The Media Center Show with Ian on Monday at 1pm PDT
.  I realized today that I’ve only got a slow DSL
connection for my Spring Break vacation, so I’m hoping everything works with Skype.  I did a test today and it seemed to be fine
so fingers are crossed!

3 thoughts on “Short Bits: $150 Extenders, Media Center Show

  1. I got my extender last night for $150. Its my second one. A friend tried to get one tonight, but it says the code is invalid.


  2. So DMA2100 is:

    US = $150
    UK @ $320 (without taxes)

    Cue the headlines of “rip off Britain”. By comparison, as of 14/03/2008, XBox360 arcade starts off at @ $250 (without taxes) in the UK, rising to @ $390 if you include wireless module and remote control. If you did a breakdown of the cost of materials of this versus the XBox360, even taking into account that Microsoft’s business model includes subsidising the latter, I’m struggling to make a decision. But if the DMA2100 was priced at the £75 + VAT, then I’d forgive it’s cheap looking design/build quality, lack of processing power and it’s odd omission of native DivX playback in a heartbeat and several of them to dot them around the house.

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