Is QuiiQ a My Movies Replacement?

QuiiQ Movies
appears to be a new Vista Media Center plug-in for movie cataloging and management
from within Media Center (Via Missing
).  Based on the User Manual it
looks like this has it all, including support for Extenders and more.

I’m not around any Vista machines to give it a try, but
QuiiQ might be one to watch.  It’s not a
free application, far from it actually.  The
Base package is € 67 ($105USD) and then the Network & Client package is an
additional € 99 ($156USD).

The Base package allows for the database to be stored and
accessed just on the single machine, while the Network package allows you to
connect one or more clients (I assume this means PCs, but not sure if it means
Extenders), and then the Client package is for access on other PCs (or

Much like My Movies, the application includes a 10-foot
application (“Projector”), 10-foot media/DVD import (“Collector”), 2-foot
collection manager (“Collection Manager”), and service control (“Control Center”).  It appears to be MCML, and apparently it can
also use you’re my Movies database!

There is a 15
day free trial of the Base package
and more information on QuiiQ homepage.  They also have a product called QuiiQ Home Automation that does X10,
C-Bus and more.

Anyone care to give it a try and report back? 


11 thoughts on “Is QuiiQ a My Movies Replacement?

  1. It is way to expensive. IMO My Movies is great. I wish it “fit” Vista MC better than it does but for a free application that does so much I don’t see why anyone would pay for this.

  2. Certainly the interface is nice. Set up was a snap and very intuitive. But……

    I really couldn’t find one compelling reason to use this over My Movies. As long as My Movies is free there is no competition.

  3. MyMovies is sometimes a little sluggish on my extender so I was excited when I saw the title of your post. A little less excited when it was not free, but I assumed around $20. Totally turned off when I saw the real price tag. That is just crazy!!

  4. Big Screen Movies is on the way, even though it still seems quite far away. Sounds like MyMovies 3, which will have a mcml interface, will be released before Big Screen Movies.

    I’m working on a silverlight front end for my database of movies, so friend can have easy access to it when we plan our movie nights. Maybe I’ll just end up porting that to media center

  5. Well, that really depends. Based on the comments I’ve seen, not too many individuals are willing to pay $100 when My Movies is free. Now, if QuiiQ’s main target is OEMs they have a good chance. I can see a company like S1Digital or Vidabox partnering them a company like this.

  6. You listed the price as $105 just for a base package, and then an additional $156 for the Network and Client package.

    So most people will wind up having to spend $261 for the entire package.

    Even Microsoft Office costs less than that.

  7. The product doesn’t appear to be nearly as polished as MyMovies for collection management.

    Unless I’m missing some features, the product isn’t worth more then 20 bucks.

  8. Chris is right. This product has some added polish and the oems like that.

    I am currently evaluating it.


  9. Ok I have finally had a fiddle with the trial and I’m impressed with the gui and the changeable themes.
    Very tedious to setup properly and you will run the risk of deleting vid files from the pc if not setup right.
    Can import MyMovies db, thats a plus.
    When you press the back button on the remote in takes you completely out of the plugin, grrrr.
    No option to search online sources such as imdb, its limited to amazon its been assumed.
    Cost is through the roof in this baby, hopefully more people will get on to it and let these guys know that we wont pay what they asking 67 euro and 150 euro for the server/client one.
    With some updates this program has some serious potential.
    Ican not find a way to chose a database to search for movie info and actors online? eg imdb
    Also what about license arrangments with the full version? can you have 2 or 3 user licenses?

  10. Hey guys i wanted to give you all an update on quiiq movies.
    Over on the quiiq forum they recently announced a drastic price change.
    kudos for them listening to the community.
    Here is the post.
    Much better prices imo.

    QuiiQ MOVIES New Prices

    The prices were drastically reduced for the QuiiQ MOVIES product.

    Before they were in €€ now they’re in US$ and the promotional price for the BASE Package is only 29.95 US$.

    Check the online store in

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