Microsoft Introduces $10,000 Digital Home Makeover Contest

To celebrate the consumer availability of new Extenders for
Windows Media Center, the Windows Media Center team is today unveiling a
Digital Home Makeover Contest.  For one lucky winner, the makeover team
will transform their disconnected digital lifestyle into a home entertainment
dream with a prize package totaling up to $10,000.

The Digital Home Makeover Contest is designed to address the
real challenges people face when adopting today’s digital lifestyle. Today’s
consumers have a wide variety of digital content in their homes—thousands of
digital pictures, MP3’s, TV shows and movies— and homes may have dozens of
devices which allow people to interact with and enjoy this content. But
wouldn’t it be nice if digital media could be seamlessly viewed and accessible
across all these devices?   

With a prize package that will include a new PC with Windows Media Center,
Extenders for Windows Media Center, flat screen television and video-capable
wireless home networking, the winner of the Digital Home Makeover Contest will
receive what they need to take control of connecting their entertainment
options and start enjoying content from room to room, anywhere in the house.
Microsoft is accepting entries in the form of two minute videos that illustrate
a contestant’s disconnected digital lifestyle and why they need a digital home
makeover.  Entries will be accepted through April 18 at
and the winner of the Digital Home Makeover will be announced by April 30,

“Connected entertainment is all about enjoying high quality digital content
both on your PC and on TV sets around the home,” said Ron Pessner, general
manager for Windows Media Center. “We are excited to bring that vision to life
today with the technology behind Windows Media Center and Media Center

More information about the contest and new Extenders for
Windows Media Center is available at

One thought on “Microsoft Introduces $10,000 Digital Home Makeover Contest

  1. Looks like the Tranquil Media Server M One (over at We Got Served) is showing Microsoft how the VMCE / Extender how the Digital Home should be.

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