QuiiQ Slashes Prices on QuiiQ Movies

Last week
I wrote about QuiiQ Movies
, a new movie cataloging and management
application for Media Center and the
overwhelming response was “$100+, no thanks.”

Well, it appears the guys at QuiiQ were listening and today dropped their price of the Base
package to only $30

I still haven’t had time to give it a shot, but a few
early reviews
have come in with relatively good news.  I think if QuiiQ can really show the market
that they are committed to the market by providing frequent updates and bug
fixes then this could be a good challenger for My Movies.

10 thoughts on “QuiiQ Slashes Prices on QuiiQ Movies

  1. I love this! Things like this really make our community feel that much better & influential, and I think it’s wonderful that companies are realizing it.

    I think they’ll have a lot more takers now, and thus should keep them around longer 🙂


  2. At the risk of making myself look dumb, is this some kind of an early April fools joke? I took a look at the site and read the product brochure, but still couldn’t figure out what it was that it did.

    After I downloaded the free 15 day trial, I was able to get something called a movie control center, but it would only let me import .xml files into its database. Maybe I’m just dense, but all of my movie files are .avi or .divx or .wmv (shudder) XML makes me think RSS for some reason, but I have no idea where I would even find a video .xml file to import into the program. According to the program, all I have to do is “simply” import a DVD, but when I tried to get it to read a DVD, it wouldn’t recognize the files. I wasn’t sure if this was because I had to crack the DVD first or what, but the program offers no help in trying to figure out this puzzle.

    I’d like to figure out how to import my media into the program, but for the life of me I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I was hoping that there website would have better support, but it looks like you have to email them if you want to troubleshoot the program.

  3. QuiiQ Movies looked interesting so I downloaded and installed the trial. Everything installs and functions as documented, but after struggling with it for over an hour, I have filed it under “Great graphics, mediocre UX.”

    It’s entirely possible that I reached this conclusion because my use case is not supported by the app or I am unable to comprehend and follow the simple documentation. Regardless, it does not seem to work for me.

    I have 500+ ripped DVDs on a couple of network shares (one folder per movie with VIDEO_TS sub-folder). With “My Movies” I just told it what the shares were and it found the movies, let me edit the cover art etc. and I was good to go. My movie database is on my WHS so I have multiple Media Centers sharing the db and it all just works.

    With QuiiQ Movies, the first problem I encountered was with nomenclature. It makes references to “Digital Archive.” This suggested some kind of historical backup/storage which I am pretty sure I don’t have. What I do have is a “Digital Repository” of movies. I decided this is what they meant and proceeded to add both locations to the Collection Manager.

    The next problem was that for each share, the app produced a big, red question mark icon with no clue as to what the question mark means (both shares are public and My Movies accesses them just fine). And this is precisely where I am stuck. I cannot imagine that the app wants me to manually add each movie because that’s a non-starter. There is a “My Movies” import function, but I want to see QuiiQ import the movies from the filesystem.

    I am sticking with “My Movies.”

  4. I’ve been long time user of mymovies too, it was free and beta so did not contribute till final release. The final release 2.44 the developer decided to disable external web services instead opted to use their own webservice only. I have over 1000+ movies ripped over 5 TB raid server. and not a single jacket or dvd media(cause of the kids) how am i gonna start over, and would their webservice better than imdb. decided not gonna wait and went ahead and bought quiiq network version which was 65$ US,and inclusive of two clients.

  5. @moses

    This is first time I hear that MyMovies can only use webservice of their own, and I think this information is incorrect.

    Are you sure you have finished read all instructions for MyMovies and you understand correctly?

  6. It is true that My Movies no longer uses external data providers on the Collection Manager client; however their are exelent reasons for this change, one being copyright, two being many new features can not be implemented based on scraping, three scraping is not reliable and breaks regularly, I could go on.

    The MM web service for US titles is very complete and its very easy to contribute data, takes less than 2 minutes a title for me to enter data off the covers, 5 if I scan a cover, 3 if I find one on line; no time at all; and to be honest I probably have not had to enter a title manually for months.

    Its different for international users, the database is not as complete for these however contributing is easy and if everyone contributes it will improve very fast.

    As for QuiiQ, I tried it; while its nice it has a MCML UI its so fragile and imature in comparison to My Movies it will need to improve allot before its has a shot at the throne for Movie Management in MCE.

  7. I really hope that you guys that try this program will head over to the quiiq forums and give us other users some feedback and suggestions.
    This way it will help improve this product to make it suit all of our needs.
    They have shown that they are listening to us and that they dearly want our input, what more can we ask of a company creating our plugins?
    Cheers guys and lets get on board.

  8. Trying Quiiq, looks resonable but is missing some essentials (I think, documentation is poor and interface can be less than intuative. The word TEXT means little when requiring a user input.

    And just how does my movies import ?

    Needs a parental lock like my movies

    MCML interface much better than my movies.

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