Short Bits: Contest, Apps, Research

Can anyone tell me why Microsoft’s video for the Digital
Home Makeover contest
is done in Flash and not Sliverlight? Kind of ironic
how a video advertising a contest about connecting your life uses technologies
that are completely disconnected from Microsoft’s web vision.  Anyway, be sure to check out the Digital Home
Makeover contest, a $10,000 makeover would sure be nice!

New application from babgvant, DVRMStoWMVHD
which converts DVR-MS files to WMV files via command line.  By default it will convert DVR-MS files to
WMV (VC-1) and WMA Pro 5.1 audio.

Put this in the category that I don’t believe, but ABI Research
“both AV form factor home theater PCs and more traditional home
theater PCs will grow to an installed base worldwide of 25 million by 2013.”  25
million HTPCs in 2013, I don’t think so. 
25 million is a mainstream number, and considering almost all large OEMs
have ditched HTPCs years ago the units are set to grow that much? 

3 thoughts on “Short Bits: Contest, Apps, Research

  1. As we go into a more networked house I can see this happening. Except I see it happening more along the lines of the HTPC will be just a headless device sitting off the network somewhere like whs.

    As downloadable content and hd becomes more accessable, cheaper, and easier to use I think then we will really start to see the shift to more of a networked tv/house.

  2. As we move into more networked homes I can see cheap SoC-based CE solutions (eg. Extenders and media adapters) to take the market.

    While PCs are coming down in price every second, and while we are finally starting to see motherboards with good integrated video, a standard CE device has a much better chance of ruling the market over a true PC that has security issues, update issues, driver issues, heat issues, and of course price.

  3. “Can anyone tell me why Microsoft’s video for the Digital Home Makeover contest is done in Flash and not Sliverlight?”

    The problem is that Silverlight does not run in a normal (non-admin) user context! Whereas Flash does.

    Until Microsoft fixes this _major_ problem, I don’t see Silverlight getting too far.

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