Vista SP1 Gives Extenders a Speed Boost

that Vista SP1 is giving Linksys Extenders a bit of a speed boost,
especially in the transition and animation field.  I wouldn’t expect it to match the Xbox 360
just yet, but paired with a relatively fast PC and SP1 the overall experience
might have just improved.

I’ve got a DMA2200 and newly delivered $150
at home but I’ve yet to connect them to a PC running Vista SP1.  I guess now I have added incentive to get

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6 thoughts on “Vista SP1 Gives Extenders a Speed Boost

  1. I think this is very likely due to the new compression algorithm used for transmitting graphics over RDP in SP1–it makes a significant difference over typical Remote Desktop sessions as well.

    For more details, see this:

    The relevant bits: New compression algorithm for RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) reduces network bandwidth by as much as 25-60% – I remote desktop to several system simultaneously so this will be appreciated.

  2. My understanding was that there was a mixture of RDP traffic and local rendering (even on the 360). Perhaps the animations and “chrome” are locally-rendered, but the bitmaps (thumbnails, pictures, etc.) are sent via RDP

  3. All UI is sent over RDP. You can think of Extenders having 2 pipes between it and the PC — one for UI/input and one for AV.

    As an example, RDP into your Vista Ultimate PC and run Media Center. The experience will be similar to that of an Extender.

  4. Animations are still choppy post SP1. I turned them off and have otherwise been quite happy with my DMA2100. I got the 100 dollar off Amazon special. I’ll probably pick up another for the bedroom.

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