Short Bits: Life|ware, Harmony, MyNetflix

Interesting how Mike
Seamons leaves Exceptional Innovation
and their focus turns to everything
but Media Center.  Life|ware
now runs on a RTI T-2C RF remotes
, so you can have an XPe Life|controller and
not even use Media Center as a part of Life|ware.

This is actually a great move, the advantages of home
automation and lighting control comes in the various control form factors.  I don’t want to turn on a display everytime I
want to control my lights, and in fact the one thing I hate about the light
control that I’ve adopted (INSTEON) is a lack of controllers (though it is now
improving over the past month or two). 
This is also one of the key advantages behind Sideshow remotes (which
have never shipped

Remote has an article on Harmony remotes
, by far the best remote to improve
the ease of use of any HT equipment.

just released a new version of his MyNetflix plug-in
.  Version 2.2 (beta) brings search
functionality with a virtual on-screen keyboard and the ability to select the
streaming bitrate.

One thought on “Short Bits: Life|ware, Harmony, MyNetflix

  1. Uh yeah Mike has always seemed to have something up his sleeve, he quite frankly has mainuplated his way up the food chain in about 2 years flat. It’s interesting to think I met him back in 2005 when they were bearly getting started and needed HTPC vendors to help him, E.I. had solicited demo models from small and large HTPC vendors alike,and before we knew it they had learned from them all and synthesized their own Media Center line, thereby cutting their [previously] partners out of the picture.

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