D-Link DSM-750 Extender Now Available

We knew
it was on the way
, but it looks like D-Link is now shipping
their DSM-750 Extender
.  D-Link has
the price of $329.99, but if you can wait a few more days several other retailers
should be getting stock in with some listed
it at as low as $250

The DSM-750 doesn’t have an integrated DVD drive, but it
does have a local media playback interface with D-Link’s MediaLounge.  For the most part this means it works just
like the Xbox 360 Dashboard.  Additional
formats are supported using MediaLounge, but it is disconnected from the Media
Center experience.

Among other features it has HDMI (1080i), Wireless-N, and
more.  Grab the user
manual here
(PDF).  Performance is going to be on the same level as
the Linksys Extenders. (ftp://ftp.dlink.com/Medialounge/DSM750/Manual/dsm750_manual_100.pdf)

8 thoughts on “D-Link DSM-750 Extender Now Available

  1. Maybe I am brain damaged (from banging my head against the wall every time Microsoft makes a dumb mistake), but why do I need an extender with two interfaces? Why would a company not extend the Windows Media center interface to carry the other formats instead of having an other propietery one?

    I seriously give up!


  2. The idea would be that Extenders have a limited market (eg. those using Media Center who have Vista Home Premium or Ultimate), so why limit your device to this market? Why not slap another UI on the device that works with any UPnP media server on Windows, Linux, Mac, etc and increase your market by 1000%.

  3. I don’t see it listed in the product specs, but I wonder if the MediaLounge interface handles VOB files. If I’m not mistaken, D-Link has other media devices that do this?

  4. Is the interface as smooth as the Media Center Extender interface on the Xbox 360? Or is it jerky like the one on the new Linksys extenders?

  5. Probably the latter. I feel too much emphasis is placed on the sluggish animations/transitions as it can be switched off. Doing this will make the menus respond noticeably quicker.

  6. Is the dlink extender different from the linksys or is it a twin as it was in the v1 extender (hp and linksys)

  7. I am considering purchase of either a Linksys or D-Link extender. I currently have a 360 extender which works well, but has the known issues with noise, heat, and power consumption.
    My question is this: is it possible to turn off menu animations on one extender and leave them active on another? Or does this need to be the same on all extenders?

    Thanks, Kirk K

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