Short Bits: TV Library, DSM-750, Scripts

Andy has released a version of TV Library that doesn’t
include an expiration timebomb.  While
not completely polished, TV Library is a quick and easy TV cataloging plug-in
done in MCML.  Download
it here
, and read more about the plug-in here and here.
is set to have the D-Link DSM-750 Extender for $260
once they get it in stock.  That’s not a bad deal considering the MSRP ov $300+.

I doubt that Microsoft can be successful with new
scripted shows specifically for download on the Xbox 360
, but it is an
interesting concept.  In a time where the
big broadcasters can’t get a successful series from big name writers and
producers, does anything think Microsoft can with like (??) talents like Peter Safran.

One thought on “Short Bits: TV Library, DSM-750, Scripts

  1. As far as the Microsoft sponsored exclusive shorts I give anyone points for trying something a little different, plus given the fact that the big name producers and broadcasters canceled excellent shows like Firefly pretty much says Peter Safran probably has a good to excellent chance of producing something entertaining.

    It’s also nice to see someone playing with the medium a little bit. Here we are in an age where digital cameras and prosumer level editing software can be had by the masses and we’re still locked into the 40 year old standby formats of the 30-hour sitcom, the 1-hour drama or the 2 hour movie.

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