Vista SP1 Gives Extenders a Speed Boost

Word is that Vista SP1 is giving Linksys Extenders a bit of a speed boost, especially in the transition and animation field.  I wouldn’t expect it to match the Xbox 360 just yet, but paired with a relatively fast PC and SP1 the overall experience might have just improved. I’ve got a DMA2200 and newly delivered $150 DMA2100 at home but I’ve yet to connect them to a PC running Vista SP1.  I guess now I have added incentive to get started! Related: Linksys DMA2200 Review | Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Short Bits: Contest, Apps, Research

Can anyone tell me why Microsoft’s video for the Digital Home Makeover contest is done in Flash and not Sliverlight? Kind of ironic how a video advertising a contest about connecting your life uses technologies that are completely disconnected from Microsoft’s web vision.  Anyway, be sure to check out the Digital Home Makeover contest, a $10,000 makeover would sure be nice! New application from babgvant, DVRMStoWMVHD which converts DVR-MS files to WMV files via command line.  By default it will convert DVR-MS files to WMV (VC-1) and WMA Pro 5.1 audio. Put this in the category that I don’t believe, … Continue reading Short Bits: Contest, Apps, Research

Microsoft Introduces $10,000 Digital Home Makeover Contest

To celebrate the consumer availability of new Extenders for Windows Media Center, the Windows Media Center team is today unveiling a Digital Home Makeover Contest.  For one lucky winner, the makeover team will transform their disconnected digital lifestyle into a home entertainment dream with a prize package totaling up to $10,000. The Digital Home Makeover Contest is designed to address the real challenges people face when adopting today’s digital lifestyle. Today’s consumers have a wide variety of digital content in their homes—thousands of digital pictures, MP3’s, TV shows and movies— and homes may have dozens of devices which allow people … Continue reading Microsoft Introduces $10,000 Digital Home Makeover Contest

Another Vista Netflix Plug-in Joins the Battlefield

If MyNetflix and NetflixMC didn’t do it for you, then you might want to check out the latest addition to the Netflix plug-in battleground, vmcNetflix.  It does all the basics including viewing your queue, add/remove movies from your queue, and stream in a fullscreen window within Media Center. Among the not tested features are 64-bit and Media Center Extender support, so if you want to give it a test let the developer know if it works. Note: New builds include streaming to Extenders.

Is QuiiQ a My Movies Replacement?

QuiiQ Movies appears to be a new Vista Media Center plug-in for movie cataloging and management from within Media Center (Via Missing Remote).  Based on the User Manual it looks like this has it all, including support for Extenders and more. I’m not around any Vista machines to give it a try, but QuiiQ might be one to watch.  It’s not a free application, far from it actually.  The Base package is € 67 ($105USD) and then the Network & Client package is an additional € 99 ($156USD). The Base package allows for the database to be stored and accessed … Continue reading Is QuiiQ a My Movies Replacement?

Short Bits: Plug-ins

Yougle 0.4.0 has been released with numerous new features and fixes (Via Ian Dixon).  Yougle is an MCML Media Center plug-in that allows accessing of YouTube, MSN Soapbox, and Flickr and much more. Druid 1.0.2 has also been released, an application for transcoding DVR-MS files to other formats for playback on your iPod, Zune, PSP, etc.  Includes scheduler, batch encoding, simple UI, and options for delete DVR-MS files after conversion. MceFM is a new plug-in that brings to Media Center based off of the artists in your music library.  It’s currently in beta, but looks great.  See the demo … Continue reading Short Bits: Plug-ins

Listen to me Live Today

Remember I’m live today on The Media Center Show with Ian Dixon at 1pm PDT.  There will be a live video stream of Ian and the audio from both of us.  In addition there is a chat room all at  You will need a free Ustream account if you want to join the chat.  I hope to see everyone there!

Short Bits: $150 Extenders, Media Center Show

Just a few reminders, Amazon is still selling Linksys Extenders at $100 off.  Some are getting that the code has expired, but most others are not.  If you are getting that it is expired, register for a new account and give it a shot.  The DMA2100 is $150 after the discount and the DMA2200 is $200 (both have free shipping options).  This is really a fantastic deal, and while you might not want to replace your Xbox 360 in your living room just yet the Linksys Extenders are perfect for the bedroom (my review of the DMA 2200 is here). … Continue reading Short Bits: $150 Extenders, Media Center Show

More Xbox 360 Blu-ray (Non)Talk by Microsoft

I’m not going to put this one as high up as some other articles/reports, but I was just sent a link to an MCV UK interview with Chris Lewis, VP of Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Europe.  The quote…  “We have no plans to do anything at all in terms of further or additional movie playback peripherals.” While I firmly believe Microsoft will not offer Blu-ray, I can’t put to much stock on Lewis’ quote considering the rest of the article revolves around quotes like “My own view is very clear…” and “My own sense…”  I don’t know Mr. Lewis’ job responsibilities, … Continue reading More Xbox 360 Blu-ray (Non)Talk by Microsoft

FUZE Media Systems Introduces Entry-Level Whole-Home Media Solution for Smaller Residences

FUZE “Mini Edition” Is a Complete, One-Box Solution | Electronic House Expo Spring 2008 SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–FUZE Media Systems, makers of the industry’s most complete whole-home media system, today introduced an entry-level solution targeted at vacation homes, condominiums, and apartments. The “Mini Edition” delivers the same ease-of-use, reliability, and whole-home functionality associated with a FUZE Media System—live & recorded TV, movies, music, photos, and more—but is specifically designed for residences with 2-3 TVs. The announcement reflects the company’s mission to enable consumers with every budget to enjoy a whole-home media system that can store, manage, and distribute all of … Continue reading FUZE Media Systems Introduces Entry-Level Whole-Home Media Solution for Smaller Residences